Griffin's LightBoard for iPad


LightBoard is the draw, write, play with an iPad case for children. It turns your iPad into a kid-safe art activity center.

With LightBoard your iPad is surrounded in a shatter-resistant polycarbonate shell with openings for the speakers and headphone jack. The multi-touch display is protected from scratches and impacts by a polycarbonate screen that's built into the case.

Size: 8.50" L x 5.98" W x 9.02" H
Weight: 0.99 lbs.

A black washable felt-tip marker and pre-sized LightBoard Drawing Paper are included with the iPad case. There's no need to buy refills, any white 8 1/2" x 11" paper will work.

My daughter is too old for this but I know it would have been a hit with her had this been around when she was in preschool and Kindergarten. She loved to draw and color (still does), and has always been infatuated with technology (still is).

You can buy a LightBoard Case right from Griffin Technology, creators of the LightBoard, for $14.99.

Cali Talks About LightBoard (1:29 - 2:22)

Free LightBoard Trace App

Let your kids draw, make thier own coloring pages, learn to write their name, and more on your iPad with the free LightBoard Trace App from Griffin Technology. This game is great for pre-readers. Voice prompts and animation guides kids through eight different categories with more than 40 trace-and-color activities to choose from.

With Fishy Friends kids can draw their own sea creatures.

Robot Mixer lets them create their own robots.

Create coloring pages of everyone in your family with Family Fun.

Write It! Helps kids learn to write their name, phone number and more.

There's also Dot 2 Dot, Back Yard Bugs, Who at the Zoo, and Magical Mashup.

Rated for ages 4+.
Requires iOS 3.2 or later.

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