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Hexbug Micro Robotic Creatures

Updated on October 5, 2011

Hexbugs by Innovation First

Hexbugs are tiny toy robots that come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Styles include the Hexbug Nano, Original, Inchworm, Crab, and Ant. Each one has it's own behaviors and methods of getting around.

Hexbugs make unique, fun gifts for kids as well as adults. I know my husband is hoping for a Crab this Christmas, and my daughter has Nanos on her Christmas list.


Hexbug Nanos are little battery powered robots that behave like bugs. They crawl around and can flip themselves over. These 12 legged creatures are just over 1 1/2" long and about 1/2" wide. Each Nano comes in their own specimen tube.

My daughter got one for her 9th birthday in July 2010. I had never seen them before. I was a bit freaked out watching it scurry around, but my daughter just loved it.

All of the Nanos are the same size and shape, but they come in many different colors and have different patterns on their backs. Kids love to collect them and have their bugs race their friend's.

Recommended for Children 3+

Hexbug Nano Habitats

Hexbug Nano Habitat Set

10 snap-together parts let children construct a habitat for their Hexbug Nanos. They can connect the platforms and tracks to make a maze for the bugs to run through. This habitat comes with 2 bugs and 3 platforms.

Additional tracks and platforms can be purchased separately for endless configuration possibilities.

Raceway Set

Hexbug Nano Racetrack Habitat
Hexbug Nano Racetrack Habitat

Set comes with 2 extremely rare Nano mutations, special Nano Speed Shells and 28 easy connect pieces.


Elevation Set

HEXBUG Nano Elevation 3D Habitat
HEXBUG Nano Elevation 3D Habitat

Set comes with 2 extremely rare Nano mutations and 52 easy connect pieces that let you build multiple levels.


Original HEXBUG

The Original Hexbug walks forward until it hits an obstacle or hears a loud noise. Then it backs up in a half circle, and moves forward in a different direction.

This Hexbug is a little over 2 1/2" long and currently comes in five different colors and roach like shapes. They are named after the NATO Phonetic Alphabet.

Recommended for Children 8+

HEXBUG Inchworm

The Inchworm is the first Hexbug with a remote control. These 4 legged robotic creatures can walk forward and backward and can also rotate around their center point a full 360 degrees to switch direction.

HEXBUG Inchworm comes in an assortment of colors, and it's own two-channel infrared remote.

Recommended for Children 8+


The Hexbug Crab reacts to touch, light, and sound. It feels its way around and avoids obstacles by backing up and continuing in a different direction. It will also hide in dark areas until a loud sound or exposure to light chases it out into the open.

The 2 3/4" crab comes in a variety of colors.

Recommended for Children 8+

Hexbug Crab


Colors vary and will be selected randomly at time of shipment based on availability. Specific colors can not be requested.

This product can be gift wrapped.


Hexbug Ants are the newest in the lineup.

These robotic Ants are the fastest of all Hexbugs. Touch sensitive, the ant will race forward until it encounters an obstacle, then it scurries in another direction. These creepy crawlies are less than 2 1/2" long.

Recommended for Children 8+

See All of the Hexbugs In Motion

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