How to save your folders and bookmarks on the Google Chrome toolbar before you lose them

Google Chrome beta
Google Chrome beta

I was very happy with the Google Chrome browser; so I decided to try the new Google Chrome beta. I guess it was too soon. I was not happy with the beta version.

When I uninstalled the Google Chrome beta and reinstalled the old Google Chrome I lost all of the folders and bookmarks that had been on the Bookmarks toolbar.

I was fortunate that I had a similar set on another computer. I was able to export them to my desktop on this computer and then move them one-by-one to the Google Chrome toolbar.

Now that I have a complete set again, I have saved my new settings by right-clicking on the toolbar and setting up an export file that I have saved to a document folder on my computer.

For your information, I copied the files from a Windows Vista Home desktop computer to a Windows XP Pro laptop computer.

This is the process to save your folders and bookmarks before you need them later; before you do something like I did.

Step one

Left-click on the small black open-end wrench in the upper right hand corner on the Google Chrome toolbar

Then click on “Export bookmarks.”

Step two

Save “Bookmarks” to your desktop as an HTML document. It will appear on the desktop as an Internet Explorer shortcut.

Step three

I clicked on the Internet Explorer shortcut and checked to make sure that all of the bookmarks and folders were there.

Then I moved the complete “Bookmarks” folder, as an HTML document to “My Documents” and it will be there if I need it again, like I wish I had done before I had the problem and lost them all.

As per my usual, I am now prepared for the next time this happens.

Maybe you will be more cautious than I am and do it now; before you have a problem.

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VK5OX 6 years ago

Thanks for that, I am just about to blow my Debian installation and replace it with BSD

DiamondRN profile image

DiamondRN 7 years ago from Charlotte, NC USA Author

Thanks for your comment, KiwiKev.

I hadn't noticed the change in the last Chrome update. You now need to left-click on the small wrench on the upper right hand side of the toolbar to start the procedure. All the steps are the same after that. I changed the directions in the article. Thank you so much for pointing it out.

Let me know if it isn't clear now.


Bob Diamond

KiwiKev 7 years ago


im not sure which it is, but your steps dont quite make sense.


Get Free Visitors 7 years ago


Rohith 7 years ago

Thanks for the info. I really appreciate the time you have taken. I though I had to save each bookmark individually on MS word and organize them later.

This really helps.

Artspotter 7 years ago

Great Information. I even printed it off as I am not the best at remembering instructions...A visual is always helpful.


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