Huawei Ascend for Cricket

My first Smartphone!

So, this is my first Smartphone. I've sort of had smarphones in the past, but this one is totally new to me. It runs off of the Android network so I'm new to all of this. So far I really love this phone! Please forgive me if I say something wrong. I'm a technology girl, but sometimes, I'm not right about everything. I go off of what websites say and all that about it's specifications. Also, I have only had this phone for 1 day and this is sort of my first reaction and opinion so far.

The Huawei Ascend is one of Cricket Wireless' new phones. It runs on Android 2.1 operating system which is important to keep in mind if you would like to run certain apps that may require newer versions. The phone features a 3.2MP camera/camcorder that is a big step up for me from my last phone. This phone is a little big, but not so big it is in the way. It features a 3.5" touchscreen that is sensitive to the touch. I haven't run into any problems yet with it not wanting to do what I ask. I have found this phone to be PACKED with features. I've yet to figure everything out! It is easy to use once you get the hang of it. Apps are quick to respond but it depends on your connection. I've had no problem with anything loading up slow, etc. Cricket's network seems to be perfect for myself.

Now for the cons of this phone. I will say there is not many so far. The phone does not come with a "full-size" (I guess you could call it that) User Manual. It does come with one, but it just shows you a few of the basic functions. Another problem I have encountered was with one of my games. I tried to play it but it was very laggy it seemed, so I did not bother with it anymore and deleted it. I wouldn't say this phone is for games, but it's more for social networking and things of that sort. All other apps I have installed run perfectly without problem. The battery life seems to be decent. With half a battery I was able to browse the internet, text, talk, run apps, etc. for about an hour and a half. I haven't tried it on a fully battery yet but Cricket's website says it will run up to 210 minutes talk time and 300 hours on standby. Keep in mind you need to close all apps when done using to get the fullest out of your phone. Do not let the process continue to run if not in use. This phone also comes with Wi-Fi and is on the 3G network.

At first, I was confused about which phone to get. The Huawei Ascend or the Sanyo ZIO that Cricket offers. I chose the Huawei Ascend for the following reasons: The Operating system is much newer than the one on the Sanyo ZIO. That makes a big difference with some apps you'd like to use. Also the price. The Huawei Ascend is much cheaper at $149.99 than the Sanyo ZIO at $249.99. At the moment they are both on sale for $129.99 in my area but with the Sanyo ZIO you will pay more up front then get a mail in rebate which can take weeks. The Huawei Ascend is VERY nice for the price, so I do not know how the ZIO can top it unless it's made of epic win. And by the specifications they both contain some of the same materials. For me, the price for the ZIO with an old operating system is a total turn-off, but it's really a matter of opinion and whatever you prefer!

Here are a few tips or things to help you out with your phone. The user manual didn't tell me this, so I had to figure things out on my own.

To end an application that is running do the following: Menu->Settings->Applications->Running Services-> then end whatever applications you do not want running.

Want to lock your phone with a lock pattern? Go to menu->Settings-> Location and Security-> Under the screen unlock pattern make sure Require Pattern is checked (If not, just touch the check box) and go to Change lock pattern. It will guide you how to do it. When you want to unlock your phone, hit the Menu key then do your pattern to unlock!

There are also MANY free apps for your phone. If you are into changing your ringtone or wallpaper a lot, please use one of the free apps that give you great wallpapers for free. A great one I use is the Zedge application. It's free just find it in the Android Market on your phone!


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Questions and Website to Purchase

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I will be honest and say I may not know the answer to the questions, but I will try my best!

If you'd like to read more about this phone or purchase, here is the website to do so.  Also, please read this web site before asking general questions.


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pat 5 years ago

Yes, I have a ? for ya. I just brought the phone today and I am very illiterate with these new phones. I have tried putting on a wallpaper I downloaded and it fits perfect in the screen, but when I save it it enlarges. How do I get it to stay perfect in my screen. Your help would be much appreciated.

ArtisticShadows profile image

ArtisticShadows 5 years ago Author

I am having the same issue, sadly. I do not know how to fix this either. What I suggest and what I do is find a wallpaper were the subject is centered or find a wallpaper that is a pattern and set it. I have the app called "Backgrounds" and it lets you favorite and save wallpapers. This is where I get all of mine. I hope this is helpful!

Alexandra 5 years ago

I bought the Huawei cricket for iyd aps and for camera pixels. The camera photos are very shity and I kick myself gor getting rid of my verison qualitu was the bom. Why is the cricket huawei 3.2pixels so crapy? Is there an ap to improve this mess?

Alexandra 5 years ago

I was excited when I got 2 new cricket huawei and cricket would not allow 1st. Month free for my new added line. Rrno Nevada cricket store employees claimed that cricket dont due that no more because cricket lowered their prices on the phones. Month later they are offeting free months for added phones used ot new. Why lie to a customet that has been with them for four years and no bad payment history?! Was going to add amother line but I cant stand liars just to get your $$. What can I do to ne treaed fair and cricket not loose 2 customers and future ones too. Not a happy payn customer. HELP PLEASE!!!!!

ArtisticShadows profile image

ArtisticShadows 5 years ago Author

I do not think there is any way to change the camera since you cannot change the camera itself. I dont think the camera is too bad if there is enough light. I do wish it had flash though. Also I think the first month free is for new cudtomers. I've upgraded my phone 3 times with them and only the first time I had a free month. Sorry about them telling ypu otherwise. Hope I was of any help. I guess you could call their customer service and speak with them anout it more.

Mary 5 years ago

I'm having screen delayed or just not working. I hate it i wish i never gone into cricket store. Oh and you don't get no month free. I don't like' i paid $189.00.

ArtisticShadows profile image

ArtisticShadows 5 years ago Author

You could try turning off your phone or uninstalling apps. I really do not know about that. Contact Cricket and see what they say. You may have a virus or faulty phone.

Memphislicious21 5 years ago

I Only Paid $120 For My Ascend Huawei...And It Want Do My Background Right....Its To Big...And Help Please...

ArtisticShadows profile image

ArtisticShadows 5 years ago Author

@Memphislicious21, I am having the same issue with the backgrounds. As far as I know, there is no way of fixing it. I've looked around at different websites and it seems everyone is having that issue. I think they should fix this because I hate it!

marc 5 years ago

how do I reativate running services I turned everything I could off to conserve my battery now my internt isn't working properly I don't think how do I get the services back on I went into settings applications running services and stopped everything Now I want to turn stuff back on

ArtisticShadows profile image

ArtisticShadows 5 years ago Author

@Marc, your internet should be working properly even if you did stop applications. Try restarting your phone, if that does not work then I would call customer support. That shouldn't happen.

Lonnie 5 years ago

Ok so my problems are similar to some of the comments here. I can't do anything about the big ole background and whenever I try to view images on websites they won't appear...especially on google. Like wtf? I only had this phone for 2 months now and I'm already thinking about upgrading to a better phone and company..

ArtisticShadows profile image

ArtisticShadows 5 years ago Author

@Lonnie, yeah, I still haven't figured out if there is a way to fix the zoomed in background, so I stick to a background with an object centered so it can zoom in on it or the backgrounds that came preloaded with the phone. I've never had a problem with pictures not appearing on Google or other websites. That's strange. I have no idea how to fix that one! I'm sorry!

antmeza25 5 years ago

Download something called MultiPicture Live Wallpaper from the app store. It lets you choose a picture and set it as your background while showing the whole picture. Hope this helps

ArtisticShadows profile image

ArtisticShadows 5 years ago Author

THANK YOU!!! It does work for me!

antmeza25 5 years ago

No problem. It seemed a lot of people have trouble with the backgrounds. I'm glad I could help (;

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