Logitech DiNovo Keyboards

If you're a technophile you've probably already heard of the Logitech DiNovo computer keyboards. If not, you're in for a special treat. Even those who aren't particularly moved by computer accessories and gadgetry are impressed by these super sleek and super thin DiNovo keyboards. They come in wireless, bluetooth and with versions for both PC and Mac. There is even a Mini DiNovo for those of you who want to connect your computer to your television! Technology has just taken a big leap forward. Read on for more details!

Logitech DiNovo Keyboard

The Logitech DiNovo keyboard (this is the PC version) has a Perfect Stroke key system which is designed to evenly distribute force across the entire keyboard, making the typing process more fluid. The gorgeous body has been crafted from one piece of plexiglass and is only 11 mm thick. When it's not in use you can set it on the charger and put it on display to wow your guests. Uses a Li-Ion battery.

DiNovo Mac Keyboard

When I first saw the Logitech DiNovo I was totally impressed but equally depressed as the model I saw was marked for PCs only. But with a bit of surfing I quickly discovered that there is also a Mac version! Even a bluetooth Mac version! I'll be the first to admit Macs have some of the best keyboard action in the world, but boy.... they don't really compare to the sleek style of the DiNovo. Am I right? I'm right. Backlit keys, hyperspeed scrolling, perfect keystrokes, what more could you want?

Logitech Notebook DiNovo

Love the Logitech DiNovo keyboard but don't have a PC or iMac? No problem! They make one for laptops! It's got the same perfect stroke typing mechanism that allows for silent and fast typing; the battery will last for about 3 years; it's got a FULL SIZED number pad and a 2.4 GHz wireless connection. Batteries are even included!

Logitech DiNovo Mini

Amazon.com has a great little video if you'd like to see how this works. The Logitech DiNovo mini fits in the palm of your hand! It's got backlighting to make things easier on your eyes, it has a dual-purpose click pad, the batteries last a month at a time, has bluetooth technology, and will totally allow you to take control of your TV from the comfort of your Lazy Boy. Note that it requires a PC and is not compatible with Macs.

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