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We have to thank inventors like Thomas Edison who has invented many great products to help improve our basic living styles like the light bulb and alkaline battery. Although he was most famous for improving the concept of the light bulb, he was still developing a new product basically every year according to the timeline of his patents. With inventors like Thomas Edison, this has created a great example and inspired young innovators in the 21st century to create great gadgets and new technology to help make our lives better. In this article, the author discusses some of the most innovative gadget in the 21st century.

5 Most Innovative Gadgets in 2013

Nowadays, it seems like big companies like Apple, Google and Samsung are taking the limelight of the gadget and technology world. All we are focusing now is the next best phone or tablet in the market as if we don’t have any ideas for new products. Most consumers are focusing on the latest phones or tablets, but what about other categories such as cameras and watches? We can’t forget about other innovative gadgets that are cool too. So in the next section I want to share five of the most innovative gadgets in 2013 that was ignored.

1. Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Thermostat is being toted as one of the most revolutionary household devices this year. It is completely programmable and can be controlled from laptop, smartphone or tablet via WiFi. It allows users to set schedules, change temperatures and track energy history from almost anywhere. The device will retail for around $200.

2. ChargeCard

This portable iPhone charger is so small you can carry it around in your wallet! One end plugs into your phone, while the other end has a USB charger that can be plugged into your computer. Forget worrying about grabbing that chunky phone charger. The best part is the price: one will only set you back $25.

3. Instabeat

The Instabeat is revolutionizing how swimmers track performance. Its a small waterproof sensor that attaches to your goggles and it tracks your breaths, heart rate, flip turns, number of laps and more. The sensor alerts the swimmer of their heart rate with a small light that can be seen in the swimmer's periphery. The Instabeat will retail for $149.

4. Eton Rukus Solar

Eton has introduced this stylish, Bluetooth-enabled speaker set that boast all the same features your iHome has, but with an extra perk: its solar powered. Now you can play your iPod at the beach without having to worry about bringing batteries or charging your speakers before you hit the beach. The speaker will run you $149.

5. ZBoard

Here we have the electric skateboard of the future. It is controlled much like a Segway is controlled: lean forward to move forward, lean back to slow down. No kicking or pushing required! The ZBoard costs $650.

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Which Gadget Do You Like the Most for 2013?

  • ZBoard
  • Eton Rukus Solar
  • Instabeat
  • ChargeCard
  • Nest Learning Thermostat
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Coolest Gadgets at CES 2013

5 Most Innovation Kitchen Tools

Cooking is an art where people need to master to cook and taste a delicious meal. While some people love cooking, some people hate chopping ingredients and washing vegetables. Food preparation turns many people away because it’s tedious and time consuming to cook a meal. While technology has been advancing quickly in the computing world, so have gadgets for the art of cooking. Here are five innovative kitchen tools that may help you find the love to stay in the kitchen more often.

1. Eggs Cracker

The eggs cracking tool is useful when you don’t want egg shells in your fried rice or omelette. Save some time and energy from picking out those shells and invest in this tool. With this tool, you are probably not afraid to crack an egg now?

2. Detailed Decorating Pen

Have you ever want to bake a cake but is too embarrassed to show your artistic decoration on the cake? The detailed decorating tool is great for those inspired home bakers who want a presentable and beautiful cake for a party, your significant other or any occasions. Just have some imagination and decorate away!

3. Digital BBQ Tongs and Thermometer

How to ensure your burger patties and other meats are done right? The digital BBQ tongs and thermometer allows you to read the internal temperature of the meat when you squeeze the tines into the meat and how “done” is the meat. Once you have selected your taste preference, the thermometer will make a beep noise to indicate the meat is done the way you like it.

4. Table Setting Diagram Placemat

Are you having a dinner party and doesn’t want to be embarrassed by placing the wrong plating? The table setting diagram placemat is great for these occasions! All you need to do is follow the blueprint and there’s no way you can be embarrassed when your guest arrives.

5. Pizza Scissors Spatula

Let’s be less serious and have a pizza party! The pizza scissors spatula is a great tool when you want to bake your own pizza at home. It is safe and easy to cut every slice according your stomach capacity and diet.

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What's Your Favorite Kitchen Tool?

  • Eggs Cracker
  • Detailed Decorating Pen
  • Digital BBQ Tongs and Thermometer
  • Table Setting Diagram Placemat
  • Pizza Scissors Spatula
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Check Out this Video on the EZ Cracker

5 Innovative Gadgets: Past Meets the Present

Now that we have looked at some innovative gadgets of 2013, let’s travel back to the past and compare some iconic technology and gadgets in just 40, 30 and 20 years. Without the creation of past gadgets we are unable to improve technology. Here are 5 gadgets that might make you feel nostalgic about your childhood!

1. Home Computers

In just merely 30 years, the design and technology of home computers have changed a lot. When the first home computer was introduced by Apple, it was revolutionary and innovative. Although it was a milestone to the computing world, it was quite expensive to own one with only 15% of American homes owning a computer. Today, computers are more affordable and compact!

Home Computers 1980s
Home Computers 1980s
Home Computers 2000s
Home Computers 2000s

2. Mobile Phones

If you grew up in the 1990s, you might have remembered the large mobile phone like you’re holding a piece of brick around. Martin Cooper, a Motorola researcher and executive, was the first to introduce a handheld mobile phone device on April 3, 1973. The prototype that Mr. Cooper was using is measured 23 cm long, weighed 1.1 kg, 3 cm deep and 4.45 cm wide.

Mobile Phones 1990s
Mobile Phones 1990s
Mobile Phones Today
Mobile Phones Today

3. Cassette Tapes

For those of you who grew up in the 1990s, remember when you had to use a pencil to “rewind” the tape so you can listen to that one part of the song again? The evolution of cassette tape and music in general has changed drastically. Since the invention of MP3 players, it has replaced not only cassette tapes but CD players. Many people can listen to their favorite song on a small device that can fit into their pockets.

Cassette Tapes 1990s
Cassette Tapes 1990s
iPod Shuffle
iPod Shuffle

4. Cameras

Cameras used to be big and heavy to carry around when you travel, but you have the option to carry a smaller one nowadays. Although big cameras for professional photographers and personal users are still common, we no longer need to pay a premium price for a decent camera to capture your memories. But cameras have come a long way from when a person needs to hide under a cloth to take a picture.

Cameras 1920s
Cameras 1920s
Digital Cameras
Digital Cameras

5. Gaming System

The Nintendo Entertainment System is one of the most iconic pieces for gamers. The Nintendo was released on July 15, 1983 in Japan and was discontinued in 2003 on its 20th anniversary. It was the best selling game console of its time and helped revitalize the United States video game industry following the video game crash of 1983.

Nintendo 1980s
Nintendo 1980s
Wii Gaming System
Wii Gaming System

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Blast from The Past, Which Gadget Do You Like?

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  • Mobile Phones
  • Cassette Tapes
  • Cameras
  • Gaming System
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