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Best Video And Camcorder Gadgets: Flip Video Camcorders And Other Hot Camera Gadgets

Updated on February 2, 2011

Flip Video Camcorders and Hot Camera Gadgets

Flip video camcorders just keep getting better and better! I bought a Flip video camcorder last November at Costco and paid just under $100 for mine.  It came with everything I needed, no software to install, and even included a small tripod.

However, they have continued to come out with more and more accessories and also many different versions of their camera.

If you are looking to buy a Flip video camcorder or any of their hot camera gadgets, check out their website as well as Amazon.

Pictures by Audrey Kirchner
Pictures by Audrey Kirchner

Flip Video Camcorders and Gadgets

At the moment, the following cameras are available

Slide HD - This slick camera sells for about $279 and is their most expensive model thus far. The beauty of this neat little camcorder is that you can record video and then flip it open and watch it right there on the screen. You can shoot up to 4 hours of video with this model. These camcorders also shoot snapshots. This video camcorder stores up to 12 hours of video.

Mino HD's - 1 hour and 2 hour model. This camera comes in 2 different models - the Mino HD 2 and the Mino HD 1. The only difference between these 2 cameras is the amount of time you can shoot. The Mino Hd 2 will give you 2 hours of video capability while the Mino HD 1 will give you 1 hour.

Ultra HD's - This model of Flip video camcorder runs off 2 AA batteries while the other cameras run off lithium batteries. The Ultra HD style recorders are pocket-size and the smallest and lightest of the Flip video camcorders. This is the style that I've used for the past year and have not had a bit of trouble with mine. Both these models have up to 2 hours of video recording available.

Features of all Flip video camcorders

  • They have a built-in USB port you merely insert into your laptop or computer and download videos - to your computer or to the Internet
  • Software is already installed on the camera so when you plug it into your computer, it automatically installs FlipShare software which will enable you to view your videos and then convert or upload them, share them out on the Internet
  • All Flip video camcorders come with cables so that you can connect your camcorder to the TV and play the videos on TV instantly
  • There is also a connecting port for tripods and hatcams on the bottom of most models
  • They are super lightweight and small in size making them easy to use and super easy to carry. I generally have mine in a case and put that around my neck so it's ready to use - or use it on my hatcam hat


Some of the cool things out right now for the Flip video camcorders:

  • Tripod - I have this and it is so cool! It has 3 flexible legs but then folds down flat. It is very small and easily tucked into my video case - which is the size of a pack of cigarettes or a little longer. You can use the tripod to set the camera up on a table for instance and then you can video tape hands free. I recently used this to videotape musicians playing - it was great and produced stellar video. This runs $14.99 if it is not included in the package.
  • They also have a new action tripod that will do the same as the regular tripod but is a bit sturdier. However, the action tripod can also attach to another surface - such as a deck or even a hat and you can videotape hands free. It runs $24.99
  • Flip sells USB cables if needed - $24.99
  • They also HDMI cables that you can connect right to your HD TV - $24.99
  • There is a power adapter that you can purchase - $24.99 - this is useful for travelers using their Flip video camcorders all the time and allows you to have your camcorder charged and ready to go.
  • Battery packs are available for $24.99
  • Soft pouches are available for $24.99 - a carrying case for your Flip video camcorder although I bought mine at Bestbuy for way less! They also have wool pouches available for the same price.
  • Also new is an underwater case - $49.99 - This allows you to take your Flip video camcorder to a new level - underwater. This case fits the HD and Ultra HD cameras.
  • Hatcams are available at and work with a lot of high definition video camcorders - they run $29.99 and can be sold as just the hat or as a kit - also available on Amazon

The prices on Amazon are much less than on the Flip video camcorder website!

Summing Up Flip Video Camcorders and Hot Camera Gadgets

Flip video camcorders really make it easy to have a great time and videotape your experiences. I remember the days of the bloated video cameras and the huge tripod that I had to lug around to videotape events or experiences. No more!

These slick little gadgets are incredibly durable yet produce extremely high quality video - and they are so lightweight you might even forget you have it with you.

If you're looking for a video camera that you simply do not have to be a rocket scientist to operate, this is the one for you. You simply turn it on and 3 seconds later, you are videotaping.

It has zoom capabilities and produces great audio as well. No software to load and it just gets simpler and simpler! You pop out the USB port and plug it in - any computer anywhere and you can see your videos - or plug it into the TV and you're watching video in seconds.

Try out one of the Flip video camcorders and see if you don't think the experience is well worth the money. As well, there are some great camera gadgets that can make your experience even better! I love the tripod and the hatcam and plan on checking out that underwater case next.

How to Use a Flip Video Camcorder

Another Tutorial on How to Use Flip Video Camcorder

How to Use a Hatcam with Flip Video

Flip Video Slide Camcorder Demo

Flip Video Demo

Flip Video Mino Demo

Flip Underwater Case Demo


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