LG Viewty GT405 - a quick review

Well, I needed a new phone!

After my old INQ phone broke I spent six months with a cheap Nokia, and I've definitely been due a decent upgrade: The LG Viewty GT (or GT405) was recommended - and I'd recommend it too!

It's lightweight, nice to use and handles my everyday needs well - here's what I think of it:

Wow - touchscreen!

I'm pretty excited about getting a touchscreen handset, particularly as a lot of my friends have iPhones these days and I was feeling a bit left behind!  The Viewty GT has a 3" touch screen - with a stylus tucked away in the back - that's easy to use and pretty accurate too.

The home screen makes great use of the touchscreen - you can swipe left and right to switch between a desktop and your favourite contacts, which is a really nice touch.  The desktop is nicely configurable too, just drag and drop the apps you want where you want them.

Keeping in touch

Nicely, there are built in Twitter and Facebook shortcuts on the Viewty GT that work great with no hassle. It's great to be able to keep in touch with friends on social networking sites too!

The GT's home screen has a very nice feature where it can be "flipped" to show 3 custom speed-dial lists. Each contact is represented by their icon (or a smiley face if you haven't set them one) and can be dragged and dropped like the apps. Clicking on an icon allows you to call, message or email that person without having to search for them - a nice touch.

Email and Google Mail apps are included and the internet browser is easy to use and works well.

5 megapixel camera

What I really missed was having a cameraphone - I really don't want to carry around a phone and a camera separately - and the Viewty delivers there too.

The camera is 5MP, with digital zoom but sadly no flash, and can take good quality video too.  The 60MB on-board memory can be upgraded with a MicroSD card if you're planning on taking lots!

There's a photo and video editing app too, but to be honest I've never used it.

In brief:

  • A very nice phone at a good price
  • Available in silver or black
  • Available from Three in the UK, not sure about other countries...

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Disgruntled 6 years ago

Had one for 4 months then the touch screen (inside the phone) failed - both 3 and LG say this is not under warranty - so fine - do not use the touch screen and everything is OK then is their view... not fit for purpose and awful after sales support from both firms regarding this...

deltamonk profile image

deltamonk 6 years ago from UK Author

That's awful... mine's still fine, but it does freeze up every now and then.

I guess if we want a reliable phone we should buy a cheap basic Nokia and be happy with it?

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