Surfing Internet Through Windows Calculator: How to Use Windows Calculator as a Web Browser?

Do you know that you can use calculator as a web browser? Sometimes the browser of your computer may not work properly or your browser may affect by recent viruses and you are unable to open browser. What to do then? Do you need formatting your computer and then have to use Internet? Certainly not. There is another way to surf and browse Internet by using your Windows calculator. By using it, you can browse any page smoothly. This page contains information related to use calculator as a browser of your computer.

Steps to Use Windows Calculator as a Web Browser

Follow the following steps to use windows calculator as a web browser:

  1. Click on Start and then click on Run.
  2. Type the command calc in the Run textbox and hit Enter key of your keyboard.
  3. Press F1 key and you will see calculator's help window will be appeared.
  4. Put your cursor at the right-top of help window and right-click on on it and you will see a pop-up window will be appeared. Click on Jump to URL...
  5. The Jump to URL window will be popped up and there is a text field where the cursor is blinking. Write down the URL which you want to browse and hit Enter key. But remember, you must have to type http:// before any type of websites address. For example, if you want to browse Gmail, you have to type

By following the above steps, you can easily surf and browse Internet through calculator. So, why you need to format your computer when only a particular thing is affected by virus. I think, you use this techniques to browse Internet in the critical moments and you may change your windows operating system later. Enjoy to browse through Windows calculator.

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observals 4 years ago from Europe

Wow, thanks for sharing this tip. So useful and to the point.

KID 3 years ago

Just asking, if I am not admin, can I still do this?

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