How to Fix the LG Rumor Touch YouTube Streaming Problem

The Problem

Those of us with Virgin Mobile's LG Rumor Touch often have problems streaming YouTube videos.

After searching the forums and trying several things, I may have a solution for everyone to try. It worked for me in my initial test.

Try it yourself---Report back any findings or additional solutions.

UPDATE: It is clear that a large part of this problem is due to Virgin Mobile network issues. However, I have many reports that my solution often improves the situation.

Leave comments of your experiences or any other insightful tips!

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What is Looks Like

More often than not, we get an error message like the one above and our media player looks like the image to the right-staying at 0%.

When loading properly, the video percentage tends to move along quickly.

Although, when testing, always wait for an error message, as sometimes, it takes a minute or two to load.

When the video is going to fail, it usually stays at zero (and eventually gives an error message).

I have had a few incidents of the video loading to 99%. Instead of reaching 100% and showing the video, it only played the audio.

Possible Solution

One solution suggested by a forum post was to turn off the location setting, reboot the phone through the side button, and try to play the videos again.

You can do this by following SETTINGS--->LOCATION---->CONTINUE--->OFF.

That process worked for me, and I was able to stream 20+ videos!

After rebooting and trying the videos again (where they loaded successfully), I turned LOCATION back on to see what would happen.

I rebooted and the videos surprisingly still played.

We will see how long it lasts, and when they stop working again (if they do), I will retry these steps. Please do the same and leave comments on how well it worked.

UPDATE: The videos stopped working after about 12 hours of me turning LOCATION back on. I followed the original steps to turn location off and reboot the phone, and the videos worked. I think we might have a winner here folks!

Other Tips & Observations

Another forum post suggested that using the HQ setting instead of NORMAL on the YouTube mobile website would produce better streaming.

I experimented with this as well and had significantly improved streaming results.

I had thought the HQ setting might slow the phone/video down even more, but it seems to be the opposite.

Another observation I had was that Opera Mini and the phone's native web browser gave me the same experience when streaming YouTube videos. 

Please report on your experience.

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Comments 48 comments

Johna769 2 years ago

Can you add a Blackberry template? This web page is tricky to read otherwise for those of us browsing with cell phones. Otherwise, in the event you can place a RSS link up, that would be good also. gdededkkekfa

Aryala 5 years ago

Thank u so much!

Kaz 5 years ago

thank you so much! it works now! (:

Richelle 5 years ago

Worked for me! Thanks dude, i was dying to hear some new songs lol

randy 5 years ago

I have had my rumor for nearly a year Then 2 weeks ago it stopped loading youtube.It would load 0%.i tried taking out battery and change location go.Most of the posts hear are from a year agohas a fix been found yet?

Nahnah16 5 years ago

Well im glad it worked for u guys but i did it and nothing happened it didn't work and i did it several times so what does that mean? No one has another way?

dom 5 years ago

my phone stops after 1 minute and get the error. it has happened for 3 days now and Ive tried everything

jake 5 years ago

this works fine but i found on youtube videos, if i have the hq on it only loads to 99 and only has audio but if i have in on normal it works just fine.

FredFred 5 years ago

I found a partial solution to this.

When the videos stalls at 6%, press the power button followed by the home button twice and then unlock the screen.

This forces the video to rebuffer, starting right where it stalled. I have been using this to watch longer videos.

profile image

Kurisu 5 years ago

Tim, I may have found a solution to your problem as I had the exact same. I purchased my phone a few weeks ago and realized any video past 5 or 6 minutes on HQ will stop and the usual Loading 6% notification will appear. I discovered this by accident as I became frustrated and hit the lock button. When I unlocked the phone, the video returned but to a Loading 0% notification highlighted in green. The video suddenly loaded again and continued playing. I learned that you can do this 2-3 times and watch videos up to 25 minutes maybe longer. However, if you choose to try this with a large video runtime, instead of cutting out at 5 or 6 mins, the video will just end with some vague error. This is almost like the network is on to my clever loophole. I hope you have the same success as me.

Tim 5 years ago

Streaming videos works great for me. Anything over 5mins will jump to a "6% Loading..." screen and freeze once again getting the "There is a problem playing this clip." error.

mack 6 years ago

i downloaded the opera mini browser on my phone and now not just youtube videos but everything runs a lot faster

Jacqui Howard 6 years ago

I bought my LG Rumor Touch on black friday. I have not been able to play youtube correctly since then. I downloaded opera mini 5.1 and it still has problems, streaming the videos. I tried turning the location off, and powering my phone off/on, and removing the battery, with no results. Also, I tried changing video to HQ-instead of normal, with no results. I also went under, with still the same issues. I been going back and forth with virgin mobile call center, tech support, and even with virgin mobile human resources,to no avail. Does anyone have any more thing, that I can try, to get this issue resolved, once and for all?

anna 6 years ago

Hello everyone. I just curious as to how many bars does everyone have? I find youtube plays smoother when there are 4 or more bars (I have the location on as well). Although i do find it annoying how opera mini closes on you after it finish playing or when you cancle the darn thing (which is why I came here).

As for the error message, I tend get it at a certain location I stand at, even with full bars. All I do is walk somewhere else and it's gone.

Wes 6 years ago

Alan- I have the same problem but haven't found any fix for it

Alan 6 years ago

my youtube plays all videos fine up to 5-6mins anything longer that that it locks up and has it says loading 6% and never moves... has anyone else had this problem and if so anyway to fix it

Paul 6 years ago

I keep getting some 454 error do u know how to fix that?

Escodes 6 years ago

I have been calling VM techs for about 2 and a half weeks because i keep getting a redirect error that says looked it up and its some type of loop that reroutes the internet back to your IP address. has anyone had this problem with there web not working.

Billy 6 years ago

Yesterday I decided to clear my phone. I deleted my browsing history, cookies, and passwords from mini Opera. I also removed most of my songs from my memory card which is now almost empty. I was able to play every YouTube video I tried. Maybe it's a coincidence...can someone else do the same?

Patricia  6 years ago

Turning location off, powering off and back on after a battery pull worked. Not every video, but was able to see a YouTube video for the first time on this phone! Thank you.

@Anthony - the error msg we were getting is the same as yours, RTSP Error 500...over and over again.

Anthony 6 years ago

Many times I seem to be getting the problem "RTSP Error 500: There is a problem with the server. Please try again later." This is with the GPS locator on and off. Has anyone else been getting this lately instead of it just stalling at 0% loading?

SANMAN 6 years ago


David 6 years ago

yea its true for me youtube videos always work early in the morning but stop working at around like 11....what's up with that?

Kyle 6 years ago

So WORKS for me-I think the network thing though is also relevant as the previous posters have mentioned.

SteveoMc profile image

SteveoMc 6 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

Another amazing bit of information. Thanks for sharing it Dana.

Nick Fire  6 years ago

Yo Turning off the Location Actually worked for real man you a life saver cuz i was about to break this phone. Thanks for the investigation and the help for real

Kyle 6 years ago

Yep your right K27king they just cant keep up with the demand. sort of a hit and miss with interwebs.

Here is the link on how to install new apps for your phone. BE VERY CAREFUL ON WHAT YOU INSTALL. Some apps are simply web links and wont do anything, or worse mess up your phone.

K27king1 6 years ago

For a long while i was having problems playing YouTube unless it was early morning. About a week ago it started workin for 4 days no problems. Now today its back to the same crap again! It seems to be a network congestion issue that Vm is not forthright about, they will deny it. But if you look at the uploading/ downloading bars you will see it start to receive information then it turns all grey (network lockup). They have completely ruined this phones potential by locking it up and literally throwing away the key. But the peep at Howard forums found a workaround for the apps at least. I think we all need to come to a consensus about starting a class action lawsuit against Vm for false, and misleading advertisement, and anti-competitiveness. Please post and let me know how you all feel. Together we can bring down the giant!

Kyle 6 years ago

Well after a total outage for 5 hours a few days ago Youtube plays fine for me. No idea what they did but the entire phone works for me now. Turned location on just to see and the videos still play fine. Maybe there busy updating the network?

hopefully it stays that way but for now yay for mobile youtube everywhere :3. I hope its working for others too.

Amanda 6 years ago

Hey. I just got a virgin mobile rumor touch. I've seen that a lot of people have problems with the internet and youtube videos, let alone the other phones that virgin mobile offers. VM does offer a great monthly plan especially for someone who doesn't make a lot of phone calls but is online/text a lot. Here is the message board that I created. Lets all sign up and start posting helpful links for others! thanks :)

danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest Author

@Kyle, thanks! I've been keeping a close eye on the Howard Forum folks work on the Java problem myself. Fingers crossed, eh!

Kyle 6 years ago

So far it seems to only be a system overload, with there new data plan they must be having problems in some areas keeping up with the demand. Early morning it works great, afternoon it wont work at all until early morning again. Disabling Location does seem to help though. Hopefully VM will do what's needed to allow the increased bandwidth on there network soon.

As for the Java bypass there are people working hard to get it unlocked so maybe it will be possible in the future.

Anthony 6 years ago

Damn.... would have been nice to have a full site rendering browser.

danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest Author

Keep the comments coming guys! Thanks for all the feedback as we try to get around VM. @Anthony, there is zero way (known to the internet at this time) to install apps to the Rumor Touch even using a computer.

Kyle 6 years ago

There is no way to download that app to a VM rumor touch, maybe with time but i wouldn't hold my breath :c.

Jesse 6 years ago

I tried it and it worked, but the quality is a pixel mess.

But at least it worked.

Anthony 6 years ago

I'm just wondering. I stumbled onto the site of as a mobile browser solution to the youtube problem and I haven't tried it yet. Just wondering if anyone else has it on their lg rumor touch. I know that virgin mobile would block any attempt to download it, but could it be uploaded to the cell phone from a computer, then installed?

xoxo 6 years ago

it doesn't work for me either

Kyle 6 years ago

Ya I understand, but if you had to wait a week to get in the restaurant just to eat you'd find a new restaurant to eat at. I can understand that sometimes the video might fail or need to be restarted.

So far though Ive had no luck at all with youtube except for the one early morning. most of the time it can take 30 retries for the video to finally start. then when it does the video crashes halfway though the video.

Not much of a point to an unlimited data plan when it doesn't work most of the time. I really like this phone but the issues i got with youtube, lack of apps, and issues with the Email +IM program make it not worth it. Will likely call VM tomorrow.

Kyle .C.M 6 years ago

Not the same kyle but im thinking that it depends on the server that your on If there is too many people accessing the site at one time then it will take to long to get your request and thus for you wont be able to play it. For those who dont understand that.

If there was a whole lotta people in a resturaunt then it take longer for you to get your order and after a while you leave .the same works with a sever and your browser and after a while your browser leaves or aka a bad request.

Kyle 6 years ago

oh i forgot to ad, yes i did try rebooting the phone, and removing the battery.

No reason to be sorry, its VM problem thanks for trying to find a fix :3.

Kyle 6 years ago

Well at least its not just me, I'd love this phone if there wasn't so many problems and restrictions with it. I'm tempted to return it.... but i really don't want to. I contacted VM and ill post what i know soon.

Anthony 6 years ago

Yea, Kyle. I seem to be getting the same problem.

Kyle 6 years ago

hi, the error i am getting is "RTSP Error 408: Server timed out. The clip you requested was not returned in a timely manner. Please try again." what was strange though was that 5 in the morning i tried again, and every video played perfect.

Now this afternoon though it comes back to saying the same error. It didn't used to say this though so im thinking maybe its just the sprint network is overloaded?

Ill post again if i figure anything else out, maybe ill give VM a call soon.

danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest Author

There is not exactly a "forum post"-There was a lot of possibilities that I tried mentioned by various people ALL over the web trying to do the same thing.

A few things you might try-Videos under 5 minutes tend to work better-Videos under 3 minutes worked even better.

Also, did you make sure to turn your phone off and on-maybe do a battery pull-after changing the location settings?

I'm sorry it didn't work for you if you have tried all this-

I must say that I still do not have 100% success (probably more like 75% success), but before, I had zero success.

And PLEASE do post anything you learn that works for you if you find it! Thanks for reporting!

Kyle 6 years ago

Tried this but still not working for me, sometimes youtube videos play perfect but most of the time it takes 20+ retries for it to work :c. videos on my phone work fine and all other messaging and calling work perfect too.

Could you provide the form post where the solution was found? If i find anything else out ill post it here.

Polonovich 6 years ago

Amazing. Success.

danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest Author

Hey guys, let me know if this is working for you ok!

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