Pay-as-you-go cell phones

Cell Phones pay as you go- I have had a number of mobile phones since 1991. The first one was the size of a brick and cost me 2000 dollars + huge call costs which were big back then.

Over the years Ive had various plans with various telco's.

For the last three years i have had a pre paid no plan with Vodafone

I pay 49 dollars a month which gives me 220 dollars worth of calls. I bought a Nokia flip top without a camera 2 months ago and its great. The menu is easy to deal with and the battery lasts about five days without needing to be recharged. Though I usually do it every two days just in case I make a lot of calls. I am yet to be persuaded into a better deal !

So depending on what you plan to do on your phone you need to carefully consider what plan to go on. If you in fact need a planned payment contract at all. If you are not going to make many calls or texts then a pre-paid is the way to go. As well you don't run the risk of going into unnecessary debt like you do with a plan. For instance if you do choose a contract plan remember you are liable to the terms and conditions of that plan. As such I also prefer to avoid risk when there is no need to expose yourself.

Competition is making having a smart phone so much cheaper. More and more just like computers are you get more for less money. It is now possible to get an iPhone on a pre-paid plan. Once you were only able to get such a phone by signing up to a 24 month contract. Yey for competition.

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THEOPHILUS 6 years ago


barryrutherford profile image

barryrutherford 7 years ago from Queensland Australia Author

your probably right. It seems here prepaids are the way to go unless your making lots of calls say more than 5 per day

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Dao Hoa 7 years ago

I don't think it is a good deal in the US to get pay as you go cell!

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zbikenut 8 years ago

What are the costs per minute in Australia? In the US prepaid phones charge ten cents a minute or more usually.

barryrutherford profile image

barryrutherford 9 years ago from Queensland Australia Author

Good coveragwe is important consideration. I.e. who has the best network. Especially if you are a traveller...

jw east profile image

jw east 9 years ago from US

Thanks for the response to my request. Cheers.

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