Windows 7 Key [RC Only]

Activating Windows 7
Activating Windows 7

Briefly, Windows 7 is the Windows Vista successor, which is known for being a piece of crappy software. Win7 is a remake from Windows Vista, which includes a new design (For telling the trust I hate Win Vista interface), huge improvement on your computer`s performance and much more tiny upgrades that are going to facilitate your computer`s use.

How to get Windows 7 Key?

In order to get a Win7 key the only thing you need is to have a Live Id Account. (Supposing that you use Windows Live Messenger, you got one, if you don`t sign up here)

And now you just have to go into this page, choosing a 32 or 64 bits system and the language you would like to use, and then login with your Live ID Account.After that, beyond of getting the key you may download Win7`s Release Candidate if you still don`t have it yet.

By the way, basically the 64 bits advantage over 32 bits system is that you will be able to use more that 3 GB of RAM, and getting a tiny performance improvement.

If you don`t had installed Windows 7 on your machine already you can try the follow step by step tutorial if you wanna try an Usb Installation of Windows 7 (Instead using a Dvd)

How to activate Windows 7?

If you followed the steps above, just copy the key you get (Ctrl+C) and then go to your computer`s 'Launch Menu' > Control Panel > System and look at the bottom of the Window. It should refer anything like 'Change product Key' just click on it and paste the Windows 7's key you got.

Public Keys

Instead of using the site I said you, you can try one of the follow keys. (They should work in all the versions I referred.


Final Note:

By the Way, don`t forget that everything at this page was made in order to help you guys getting activision keys for the Release Candidate Win7`s Version.

Simple guide of how to make brown color

If you already tried any of those keys and they doens´t  work (they only worked during the Beta version test) the only way of helping you is giving you the best prices of Windows 7. Take a look below ;)

Buy Windows 7 through Amazon

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Derek O'Harrow 7 years ago

Yes, but unfortunately this won't work for RTM builds (7600+)

shivam 7 years ago

thank friend

arabirahmathulla 7 years ago

very nice os

Little Stuart 6 years ago

sab bakwaas hai. Ek bhi key kaam nahi karti......

he is only making fool of us.

PedroG. profile image

PedroG. 6 years ago from Oporto Author

That´s not correct

The keys i have left here are only for the Release Candidate of Windows 7.

If you have read everything there i would read the last lines where i say that. Sorry if you didn´t find what y´d like to :)

asd 6 years ago

can somebody tell me a Product key of windows 7 gamer edition please ?

Pedro 6 years ago

There is no Windows 7 Gamer Edition (from Microsoft)

It should be some Windows 7 Tweaked, so you should investigate who made that, they´ll give you a better answer.

Rob 6 years ago

I'm a novice for those with more knowledge than I: I'm having a desktop built for me locally by shop by gutting out my old pc and using an i7 chip. They will use a oem version of windows 7 (pro). The only thing I've heard that OEM lacks is upgrade and support from MS. What route should I take to go to ultimate from oem? Is buying a key on ebay or elsewhere enough or do I need to purchase the retail full version of windows 7 ultimate? or just an upgrade version or something else.

Your help for the rookie is appreciated

Pedro 6 years ago

i found this on a website

Some points worth noting about Windows 7 OEM:

* No retail packaging, you’ll get little more than a cardboard sleeve containing a DVD.

* Very limited tech support.

* OEM licensing means that once installed, the software (or more specifically, the product key) is tied to a single machine)

If you can live with the limitations, this is a cheap way of getting your hands on Windows 7.


So, if you think you´re going to need support, yeah you should buy it. Through eBay or not (you just have to be sure that its a Retail Version)

Otherwise, Win7 is great and it should work GREAT for you :)

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