Zalman NC3000 Review

Zalman NC3000 Notebook Cooler

Zalman NC3000 Notebook Cooler
Zalman NC3000 Notebook Cooler

Introduction to the Zalman NC3000 Range of Notebook Coolers

The Zalman notebook cooler range is arguably one of the best laptop cooler brands in the world, it has superior cooling and reliability, while maintaining some of the lowest noise outputs for fan based notebook coolers in the industry.

Zalman have recently released the latest range of notebook coolers, the Zalman NC3000 Range. The Zalman NC3000 comes in both the Zalman NC3000U and Zalman NC3000S forms, each of which has some great benefits!

While I have reviewed plenty of Zalman notebook coolers in the past, the new Zalman NC3000 series has some serious benefits which I will go over with you in this review. As with all of Zalman's products, the NC3000, is a one of the best quiet notebook coolers!

Zalman NC3000 Specifications

While the Zalman NC3000S and Zalman NC3000U notebook coolers are mostly the same, they do have some basic differences. For now however I am going to go over the basics, which are the same in both models of the Zalman NC3000 notebook cooler series.

The Zalman NC3000 notebook cooler comes with an ultra quiet 220mm fan, which gives great cooling, without creating a large amount of noise. The base of the Zalman NC3000 can easily hold a 17 inch laptop measuring 365cm(L) x 400cm(W). To help keep your laptop or notebook steadfast, the Zalman notebook cooler has rubber grips to keep your computer firmly fixed to your Zalman notebook cooler.

The frame of the Zalman NC3000 notebook cooler is made of solid aluminum, which is sand blasted and then anodized to ensure a perfect design, and to ensure maximum heat dissipation. To help with this the Zalman NC3000 has 1300 holes to help increase airflow, while maintaining strength.

The Difference Between the Zalman NC3000S and the Zalman NC3000U

While both the Zalman NC3000 notebook coolers come with Adjustable fan speed dials, and on/off switches, the real difference in the Zalman NC3000 is the USB ports.

The Zalman NC3000U is USB powered via a USB connection which links to a mini USB port on the Zalman notebook cooler. This passes through to three other USB ports, for use with multiple devices.

A word of warning, if you use high powered USB devices then you may need to buy a power adapter, which removes some of the portability of the Zalman NC3000U.

The Zalman NC3000S has a regular USB passthrough port, so your Zalman NC3000S will be USb powered, but still allow you to use another USB device normally.

Should I Buy the Zalman NC3000?

The Zalman NC3000 is a brilliant silent running laptop for 17 inch laptops.  It may however be a little too bulky for users of smaller laptops. Despite this, the 220mm fan makes this one of the quietest laptop coolers Zalman has ever made. 

If you have a large laptop, then the Zalman NC3000 could be the perfect quiet notebook cooler for you!

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thisisoli profile image

thisisoli 6 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!) Author

I am thinking of replacing my Thermaltake laptop cooler with a Zalman NC3000 notebook cooler. It really is well put together!

metalzone 6 years ago

hi from turkey.thanks for information.NC3000 is the best

rudedude78 6 years ago

I really cant decide between the cryo lx and the nc3000, you said the cryo cools beter than the zalman, but is louder. I dont think the noise would be a issue for gamers having the volume up when gaming.If fan noise is not a issue whats the best cooler?

thisisoli profile image

thisisoli 6 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!) Author

I personally think the Cryo LX is the best choice if you only play games on your laptop. If however you use a high powered notebook for Gaming and work, you might still notice your notebook getting hot while you work. In this case a Zalman 3000 notebook cooler might be better!

rudedude78 6 years ago

Thanks for your input,I may just end up buying both coolers. I have a HP dv-6 and dv-7 and would like to try them to see which one works best for each laptop. I have done a insane amount of research on these coolers and have found your info the most helpful. Thanks.

Bryan 6 years ago

Hi, thanks for the review find it helpful. I got question because my laptop has only 2 USB ports and both ports are different location with left and right. If I purchase the NC-3000S will it be using only one USB port instead of two?

thisisoli profile image

thisisoli 6 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!) Author


Both the Zalman NC3000S and Zalman NC3000U Notebook coolers use just oen USB port, however the Zalman NC3000S has a USB pass through port, so you can carry on using both your USB ports, but the Zalman NC3000U has an inbuilt 4 port hub, perfect if you don't have many free USB ports available!

Camille 6 years ago

I have a Macbook Pro 17" from early 2008 and it runs very very hot and crashed a few times already. I read some other review on said, "One important factor to consider is that the ZM-NC2000’s fans draw in air from underneath and push it upward. If the cooling fan(s) on your laptop rely on a bottom-mounted exhaust port, this cooling stand will interfere with your computer’s ability to cool itself."

is it true for ZM-3000 series? I called Apple and they said my vent/fun in my computer is in the back of my computer, so supposedly Zalman is not for Macbook pro from early 2008.

Can you tell me if you know about this? thanks.

rhon 6 years ago

how does it work with a 13 inch xps 13

Steve 5 years ago

Just recieve this and my old temps were around 80c and temps while using this cooler are........ 80c thing doesn't move any air on its highest settings can barely even feel the air moving.

thisisoli profile image

thisisoli 5 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!) Author

Just want to make sure things are going right for you here, have you checked the fan speed wheel?

All tests with the Zalman NC3000 show some great reductions in internal temperature (third party included)

Tigers 5 years ago

hey, i just bought the zalman cooler NC3000.

when running the windows performance test (in control panel) without the cooler, the CPU temp got to a max 102C

with the cooler full speed it got to a max of 85C

ahenci 5 years ago


I'm really hasitating which cooler would fit for me best -- I have a HP Envy 17, which has the graphic cooler vent and holes at the very left and upper part of the laptop (top-right if looked from the bottom), so in the edge of the laptop. I have sufferred already several breakdowns due to overheated GPU... And the whole left trird of the laptop is hot like hell - almost uncomfortable for the wrist to type on it.

Would you still recommend this cooler for me or is there a better solution available for this laptop? Would maybe the Notepal U3 fit better for me because of the adjustable fan posotion?

Thanks for your reply in advance!

thisisoli profile image

thisisoli 5 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!) Author

The Zalman NC3000 has pretty good 'all over' cooling because teh fan is so large. If you do have a specific area that is overheating however the U3 might be a better choice because of those adjustable fans!

Tiger 3 years ago

i have this cooler and it has been 2+ years still functioning as new, the best thing about it is that it is very quiet, you won't know it's running.

it give a good performance but if noise isn't an issue for you, you might find a better but louder cooler.

i'm happy with this one.

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