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Is there any way to use a graphics card, without a driver?

I have an old graphics card (very old, its a Righteous 3D graphics card) and I have it in my computer, which is a Vista, yet this company stopped making drivers after windows 95. Since my motherboard doesn't support any decent graphics cards, I still want to make use of this graphics card, so is there a way to use a graphics card, without its driver? My computer has an onboard graphics chip, but well, it sucks. Thanks a lot, and I really hope you know the answer to this, I don't have a bad processor, but the lack of GPU gives really low performance in games.

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Who Loves Lottie says

4 years ago
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    Daniel Hodge (dannyhodge) 4 years ago

    That driver is for Windows 98SE, whatever that is... The picture that says 'download' at the bottom, above 'Vista/windows 7' is jut that - a picture for an ad.

    I searched around everywhere for an update :|

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