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How many Hubbers have had a virus on your computer?

I found out this weekend what getting a virus means. After a decade on the net, I finally got a worm that was going to take my credit card info and give it to and unknown site. This didn't happen of course because it didn't get through my firewall. I had to cancel my credit card and buy a new computer because it froze my opperating system. I would have cost $174.00 to clean off all my files on my computer to fix it or buy a new one at $356.00. Yes it was on sale lucky me or was I? I clicked on ... You have a package from Fedex. So do not click on anything that you are not familiar with.

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4 years ago
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    Susan Britton (suzzycue) 4 years ago

    Ooh so darling your new grandson is. What a great picture. I have not had trouble before but I needed a new computer so this was a n excuse to get one but I don't want to go through that again. I don't have knowledge to do firewalls and stuff and wou

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