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Samsung galaxy phone has grid lines marked "p.0/1 dx:0.0 dv:0.0 Xv:0.0 Yv:0.0 Prs:18 Size 0:0"?

On the touch screen of my Samsung galaxy phone, there has appeared blue and red grid lines at the very top of the touch screen. The grid is marked p.0/1 dx:0.0 dv:0.0 Xv:0.0 Yv:0.0 Prs:18 Size 0:0. They look like coordinates. In addition, the touch screen is retaining a blue tracer line whenever my finger slides across the screen. This must be a bug. How do I clear this grid and the blue tracer line?

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Diane Minton (Diane Woodson) says

3 years ago
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    ngureco 3 years ago

    The grid or scale is also on home screen. It must have developed when I did network settings. When I place a finger on the screen, it draws a line as you would when you draw in MS Paint. The line traces will disappear after a minute or so.