Alicante – Ancient Spanish Port

Alicante is another beautiful Spanish city located in the heart of Costa-Blanks, one of the biggest fishing centers in the province Valencia. The port city is really beautiful place and the ancient castle Santa Barbara makes the city great travel destination. The beautiful beach, the delicious food and the great attractions will make your summer vacation in Alicante really pleasant and memorable.

The symbol of the marine soul of Alicante is the beautiful boulevard Explanada. The palm trees and the fresh air will make you feel good without much effort. It is probably the most beautiful boulevard in the Mediterranean region. You can easy feel the calm and quiet life of Alicante while you take a walk around the city. The narrow ancient streets and the spirit of the city will make you forget about the stressful daily life without any problems.

The history of Alicante is glorious as the history of most of the ancient Spanish cities. The port was found by the ancient Greeks as a trading center. After that the city was conquered by Carthage and the Arabs. The names of the city were changed several times. Under the rule of Cartage the city was called Akra Leuke or "White Fortress" from where the name of the modern city comes. The year 1490 is really important for the city, because during that year the king of Spain Ferdinand II gave the small port rights the become really big and significant trading and fishing center.

Alicante is a place where you can have fun and take a rest in the best possible manner. Explanada de Espanya Boulevard is a real paradise for all the tourists and fishing fans. There are many great bars and restaurants where you can try some of the best Mediterranean cocktails and meals. You can also visit many concerts which are daily organized on the street. The most remarkable attraction is the bridge on the boulevard. It was fully restored in 1993 and has the form of mosaic containing more than 6 millions stones. It is one of the most beautiful bridges in the world and something which you will remember forever.

You can spend your free time in the bar located on the 27th floor of "Grand Sol" hotel. The breathtaking view of the boulevard and the sea will make really impress you. Next to the hotel is situated a lovely square where you can take a picture of the modern metal structure created by the local sculptor Eusebio Semper. The nearby pedestrian street “Carrer Major” is the perfect shopping place. There you can find many small antique shops right in the center of the ancient and dignified city.

If you do not like to walk, you can use the lift to reach the beautiful ancient fortress Santa Barbara which is built on the top of the hill above the city. The castle was built by the Roman and later expanded during the 16th century by King Philip II. The place is really somehow magical and mysterious. The view is unbelievable and from there you can also see "San Fernando" fortress, built during the Napoleonic Wars.

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