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Wife, mother, reader, writer, cooker, eater.

Sweet biscuits, I love food: I take out cookbooks from the library and read them like novels; I lay awake at night for hours, imagining what tasty morsels of goodness I should make for a holiday or party, weeks before the festivities take place; and I unceremoniously stuff random snacks, my knuckle, even the throw pillow into my face while watching Food Network, Top Chef, No Reservations and the like, wishing upon a star I could transform them into the pretty meals on the television screen.

Two things: 1) Why yes, yes I am slightly overweight, piss off, what's it to you?; and 2) It's frabbajabbing time I take my love for food and cooking and put it to good use!

October 2012 marked not only my tenth wedding anniversary, but also my tenth year as the main cook in the house. My son may call me a "good cooker" now, but it was quite the shaky start, (picture a roasting pan under the broiler filled with chicken pieces, carrots, potatoes and about a half a bottle of extra virgin olive oil). Three kids and many, many meals later, I can now say without smugness that I'm comfy in the kitchen.

After signing up with HubPages almost two years ago, I'm most excited to finally be putting it to use as a proper outlet (instead of my Facebook status updates) for my foodish and silly ways and to share my recipes with those that enjoy cooking as much as I do. I also look forward to your feedback and to hear tasty stories of your own. Until then, happy mealtime wishes to you all!

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