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    L.A. Homelessness on Fire

    6 weeks ago

    My community has a growing homeless situation. Taking over freeway overpasses all throughout L.A. . What Can We Do? Support or Oppose..

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    Stops by Police?

    5 weeks ago

    Riding my bike one day and I stop for coffee, upon leaving I was asked to pull over by a motorcycle officer. He cited me for wearing headphones, before I left the parking lot. I wrote this after the stop.

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    3 years ago

    STUDENTS; Are we not always? Til our last breath students. Knowledge is infinite. Reason we must implement. Every tool given. Natural senses to use as our guide to achieve empowered livin' When there is nothing else to learn, Nothing else for the...

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    This Life Is a Passport

    7 weeks ago

    Racism and domestic terrorism. The third party who has the whole of humanity divided, is staging the war for economic takeover. Hate is so blinding everyone is fighting the wrong enemy. Poetry

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    Truest Enemy

    3 months ago

    The Enemy of us all. He's the common enemy, With pawns and sellouts conspiring to steal our soul. Knowing his ways. The only defense is forming a spiritual perspective to view the world .

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    Named Provocation but Never Chose to Provoke Just Defend......

    3 days ago

    I don't want to provoke you. The biggest thing is trying not to provoke our lord incurring HIS wrath. Abuse of authority at appointed levels are being abused and the feeling is that we are powerless.

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    Red Ink on Red Line: Take Me Somewhere Writers Challenge.

    8 weeks ago

    I am very intrigued about these challenges that I've come across on hubPages and I am obliged to take the opportunity to share my thoughts on the pic posted my pleasure. Enjoy and take the poll.

  • Words and Art

    Words and Art

    4 weeks ago

    My pics and my words displayed for you to see. I am Abdul Empowered by W. E. writing empowerment from Urban Possibilities these I will share.

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    The Complex

    3 months ago

    Racial profiling is the theme and change through faith and being the best example effected change in the surroundings of a character that overcomes very uncomfortable circumstances....

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    One Thing at a Time...

    5 weeks ago

    Life moving fast, how can we last, thinking too far ahead , missing the here and now.

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    I As a Created Being

    4 weeks ago

    I as a created being, Created from the unseen, seeing Clearly when Guidence is followed from THE SUPREME....

  • We Gotta Get it Together

    We Gotta Get it Together

    5 weeks ago

    This month is a mercy. Time to purify our actions and decisions, calculate every word, to focus on our mission. Being useful for the betterment of humanity. First we must honor the ONE who helps us keep our sanity. Secondly we must know our enemy....


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