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Words and Art

Updated on September 16, 2021
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Urban Possibilities is a writing empowerment class thank you to Craig and Eyvette Johnson the founders of an inspirational program focused.

"What it Feels Like to Feel Like I'm Finally winning"

Empowered By: We   W.  E.  writing empowerment the reason why i be.........i still exist.
Empowered By: We W. E. writing empowerment the reason why i be.........i still exist. | Source

"We Fight to keep the minds open through renewed voices."

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We Fight  to keep the minds open through renewed voices
We Fight
We Fight | Source
 to keep the minds open
to keep the minds open | Source
through renewed voices
through renewed voices | Source

I am: Abdul

EMPOWERED by: W. E. Writing Empowerment :

I am a client of Urban Possibilities working with us to create our own U.P. notebook
filled with the results of empowering ideas
to pull us through the roller coaster of emotion,
that is,
our everyday lives,
being on the bottom end of the gap
that appears to be a black
hole when looking in from the upper view.

Emerson College  On Campus nice and to the point.
Emerson College On Campus nice and to the point. | Source

W.E. - Writing Empowerment

We are the link between skid row..... to
Beverly Hills.
We are the pulse
of the lifeline that we create to connect
with people who have the resources to help us
first help ourselves,
to dedicate in preparation to share.
benefitting another human being.
I am Abdul
and patience is my universe
where others tap out with their anger or their self destructive thinking
I through W.E. have established
tools to fight the inner thinking
that is harmful to my progress.
I have tools to self medicate on
Through my writing,
to heal the pain through sharing,
and to cement
a positive purpose,
through assignments, daring
us to be honest with ourselves
to kill off those moments that promote a negative bug
that test our muscles that are weak but
grow strong week to week
with concerted efforts,
turning into concerts,
into musicals, into vibrations of art, that will help us to transcend our circumstance by giving us the "thought"
of transcendence.
The "thought "
of us: Being elevated mentally,
fitted with tools for everyday,
creating everyday
to reflect our purpose of, being daring, through minds of those who've encountered times most despairing
parts of our lives we are sharing
closing that gap that seems worn and continously tearing.

These thoughts are overbearing til they are released from a soul that is wheary and wearing.

Now that soul is inspired and see how it feels to finally be winning.

My Words My Pic




Are we not always til our last breath students?

Knowledge is infinite,

Reason why we must implement,

Every tool given.

Natural senses to use as our guide to achieve empowered livin'

When there is nothing else to learn,

Nothing else for the mind to ponder,

No more experiencing the boundless wonder,

Of Creation while we are the vessels creating,

Our world manifest,

is what our minds have made to exist.

contributing to creation,

Because of what our minds our in awe of concerning the natural creation.

Those things that are not within bounds for us to create.

Because of these wonders

Science reveals

reason after reason the human mind couldn't reveal,

Or conceive,

Spawning all who believe

Spread Your Wings

To prevail we must Atone for our Trespasses

Choose to follow the spiritual essence, or choose to follow what exist solely to deceive.

That is the choice for every human that breathes.

Choose to be:

A Blessing to:


The manipulation of certain truths.

To gain whatever muse,

or mission

every decision

Counts toward our elevation,

or our dissension,

To benefit humanity or entertain a parasitic condition.

That says we are all just pawns in someones' game they've mastered with a rigged decision.

Blinding our eyes,

Closing the minds,

We fight! To keep open,

With renewed voices

From those who know the results of making ill choices.

This is who speaks from Urban Possibilities

This is who are referred to as the modern day urban possibility.

We are the voices of reconciliation.

And we are the people rising from the impoverished installation.

I am Abdul




Writing Empowerment a THE REASON WHY!



" Voices rising from the impoverished installation "

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Are we not til our very last breath STUDENTS? Knowledge is Infinite.....
Are we not til our very last breath STUDENTS?
Are we not til our very last breath STUDENTS? | Source
Knowledge is Infinite.....
Knowledge is Infinite..... | Source

© 2014 Abdul Hood


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