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Abhaque Supanjang

Joined 10 years ago from Kumango - Batusangkar - Sumatera Barat - Indonesia

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    I'm not a Sycophant ..... !

    3 years ago

    I'm not a sycophant ...! who walks like a zombie and has no heart and feelings; who is indifferent to the curses of everybody for his tyranny; who is busy to spread his spies about due to the fear of being dropped; who is busy counting other...

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    9 years ago

    There is a kind of misunderstanding in the minds of those who do not understand Islam wholly about the practice of polygamy in this religion. Many of them only take a look on the negative sides that take place behind the practice of this marriage...

  • 4


    10 years ago

    The Principles of Islam Islam means safety. Islam is established on five posts: Saying two testimonial statements. Doing sholat. Paying Zakat. Fasting in Ramadhan Month. Do Hajj in Makkah. Saying two testimonial statements is you...



    10 years ago

    What does your zodiac say today? That's one way of an astrologer begins an up to date prophecy every time his prediction to be published on a news media. Do you believe in prophecy, no matter it's horoscopes, career forecasts, and so forth? or You...

  • 2


    10 years ago

    Do you believe in the existence of soul, angel and genie ? Some people, like the atheists do not believe in the unseen creatures for they are not seen physically by human vision. But, every one can not deny the signs of their living around us. I...

  • DOOMSDAY 2012 - A creative fiction

    DOOMSDAY 2012 - A creative fiction

    6 years ago

    The coming of Doomsday will be preceded by some signs; before we see the signs completely, there will be no doomsday no matter how some persons make or spread empty prediction on it .......!



    6 years ago

    Do you live in a house that has excess land large enough? Or, you may be the person who has a garden or plain land lot but do not know what's going to plant? Could be, you are the people who care about the environment; around you there are a lot of...

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    10 years ago

    It stands for Bala, Punishment, Reprimand, Exam, and Disaster; the bad things happen on someone in their life. How should we face them ?

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    FLOOD - How to Overcome it

    6 years ago

    To make the flood not happen actually is very simple; i.e. all parties have to do all efforts to flow the water on the surface into the ground, as deep as possible. The problem is, how can we act it ?



    10 years ago

    Payakumbuh has unique vendors; they put their stuffs in two large basket behind their motor cycles and go on a long distance from Payakumbuh to sell their goods to their consumers......!

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    FARAIDH - The Heritage Sharing in Islam

    10 years ago

    No one of us will bring all of their property into their graves after their death. The property will be for the ones behind us. Islam has its own way in sharing the heritage to the proper ones ...!

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    Problems around Heritage in Minangkabau

    10 years ago

    Minangkabau is unique in many sides; in the life style (matrilineal), tradition, foods, drinks, and many more..! Behind them, there arises problems in heritage among the people in this tribal system.!

  • Rumah Gadang

    Rumah Gadang

    6 years ago

    Have you ever gone to Sumatera Barat, Indonesia or to Negeri Sembilan Malaysia ? There, you can see many buildings built in form of Minangkabau style...! It is Rumah Gadang ....!

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    Nagari Kumango

    6 years ago

    Kumango is known more as one of the best silat (silek) style among the various ones, beside this reality, Kumango is also known as the region from which many successful merchants originated ........!

  • 3


    10 years ago

    Having children is such a blessing for some people, but this condition can turn into a misery if the ones who get them can not grow them wisely....!


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