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I joined Squidoo to raise awareness about adult learning disabilities. I am now a Giant Squid and Angel for the Mental Health>Depression category on Squidoo. As I started making lenses, I branched out into any subject that interested me. I have now written about everything from dyscalculia (math LD) to tabby cat genetics to vintage propaganda posters. I love learning new things, and I love writing about them on Squidoo. When I'm not running amok on Teh Internets, I'm making music or art. I live in San Francisco with my husband and 2.4 cats (one of them is very, very large).

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  • Rationing Fashion: Women's Clothing of WWII

    Rationing Fashion: Women's Clothing of WWII

    3 months ago

    The fascinating back-story behind women's fashions of World War II

  • Do Stay Wet Palettes Really Work?

    Do Stay Wet Palettes Really Work?

    6 years ago

    As an acrylic painter, one of my ongoing frustrations in life is how quickly the paint dries once I put it on my palette. Depending on ambient humidity, my acrylics can be completely dry within an hour of squeezing them...

  • Taking Care of Tabby

    Taking Care of Tabby

    13 months ago

    I'm clearly an expert when it comes to taking care of tabby cats. Sure, there are plenty of people who love cats, and decorate their homes with cat-themed decor, and send people cards with cats on them, and will...

  • The Truth About Tabby Cats

    The Truth About Tabby Cats

    6 years ago

    Whether you can handle it or not, I'm here to tell it to you.  I figure there's nobody more qualified to tell the truth about tabbies than a tabby cat, right?  So here I am.  Speaking the truth about tabbies, whether...