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Phoenix Brown (Aisha Blackstock)

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I am in my thirties but I look eighteen. I am part of the LGBTQ Community and will focus on writing pieces on topics of the LGBTQ Community and it's disconnections to Religion. As well as write about Racial Tension and Law Enforcements Bias. I choose to focus on these controversial topics, because discussions need to begin somewhere. I look forward to comments and feedbacks as well. I am Native American and Black. I am a Air Force Veteran and my job while in was Security Forces with a Secret Clearance. I grew up Baptist - Christian and use to sing in my church choir. I came out as Lesbian to all my family and friends who have accepted and I have officially been out since I was twenty-five. With this background I am plenty relevant to talk about the topics I will be touching on, and not just the surface. I will go deep into these topics and bring facts and statistics. I hope to gain much exposure and recognition for my work, and see where it leads to. I have been writing Poems and Short-Stories since I was eight years old, and have a passion for writing and that will never change. I have published a few poems on Poetry.com and also have some things copywritten with the Writer's Guild of America. These things are ideas for the movies or television. It could be both. I am looking to sell these workers, and only ask for ten percent of the earnings profits whether it be selling products that pertain to this idea or the profit the film or television show brings in. I sell my writings anywhere from $50.00 to $100,000.00 whether it be help with research for school papers and other educational purposes. I enjoy researching, and am happy to sell my services in that area at $10.00 an hour. With a minimum of two hours and a maximum per day of five hours. Money will be paid directly to my PayPal Account Half In Advance and the other half upon delivery of materials. I will let you know how many hours the research will require for the half up front payment. Any customized requests we can talk payment. For serious inquiries email me at abstock9@gmail.com thank you.

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