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    Franklin Graham is Wrong - We Can Not Use the Bible to Justify Confederate Memorials

    6 years ago

    With all respect to Franklin Graham, comparing God's instructions to the Israelites to memorialize God's works is not the same as the human-directed memorialization of the leaders of the Civil War.

  • The Pleasure of Owning an Old Car

    The Pleasure of Owning an Old Car

    10 years ago

    Buying a new car may seem like the safer and wiser alternative, but not always. Find out why driving an older car is more economical and sometimes a smarter buy.

  • How To Block Specific Ads on Hubpages - for Control Freaks

    How To Block Specific Ads on Hubpages - for Control Freaks

    6 years ago

    Watch the Movie You have just finished your next literary masterpiece and hit the "publish" button. Pictures are placed, links go to the right places and the wording is just right and you have that happy glow of success warming your insides. Soon,...

  • 91

    The Real Meaning of Charity

    12 years ago

    The most common association with the word charity today is giving. Although giving is an act of charity, what charity actually means is love. Since the King James Bible became an obsolete object of ridicule, the true meaning and understanding of the...

  • 97

    The M1009 CUCV: A Manly, Eco-Conscious, Military-Rejected, Survivalist's Dream Vehicle

    3 weeks ago

    The M1009 CUCV is a Chevy Blazer converted for military use, but when they were deployed, their performance was subpar. Now, they make fantastic off-road vehicles for ordinary civilians.

  • That Evening Sun - A Detailed Review of a Magnificent Movie

    That Evening Sun - A Detailed Review of a Magnificent Movie

    12 years ago

    Abner Against the World Although it seems a little trite in the beginning, and remains that way throughout the length of the movie, "That Evening Sun," is able to rise above the almost routine plot to deliver a story of reflection whose...

  • A Twisted View About Success on Hubpages

    A Twisted View About Success on Hubpages

    12 years ago Recently I have been considering writing on Hubpages with the goal of generating a living income. I received an email the other day notifying me that I had accumulated 100 followers! In that email was a link to Hupages success stories....

  • A Heavenly Cigar

    A Heavenly Cigar

    12 years ago

    It's somewhere between one and two in the morning and I'm on my patio lighting my cigar. There is a little wind and it takes several tries because my lighter keeps blowing out. Finally I am able to cook the end of the cigar enough to start drawing...

  • Water on Mars - Chasing Phantoms

    Water on Mars - Chasing Phantoms

    14 years ago

    In the last decade there has been a lot of hype about water on Mars. The latest evidence is still very inconclusive and really points out the religious zeal with which scientists are pursuing  the idea that there actually is water on Mars. Part of...

  • A Scam Artist on Craigslist Gets it Back - Searching the Mind of a Criminal

    A Scam Artist on Craigslist Gets it Back - Searching the Mind of a Criminal

    14 years ago

    What follows is an email conversation between a scam artist and me. I have received way too many of these emails lately and this latest one started me thinking - what if I played the exact same game back? The evil one inside of me laughed with...

  • The Wind

    The Wind

    14 years ago

    Photo by: T.Anthoniesse - I used to hate the wind. I spent a small part of my youth in Fairfield California, very close to the Delta, and the wind would blow like a bone chilling wraith, sending a vengeful...

  • Hamas Coming to the United States Sanctioned in Bill H.R. 1388 Signed by Obama

    Hamas Coming to the United States Sanctioned in Bill H.R. 1388 Signed by Obama

    11 years ago

    In reference to Presidential Determination FR Doc E9-2488 to increase funding regarding aid to the Palestinians. A rumor has been circulating the internet accusing the President of passing a bill that would relocate Hamas operatives to the United...

  • Story the Crow Part 3

    Story the Crow Part 3

    14 years ago

    Scott Streit - Story eyed the glowing, warming sun as it shined brighter and brighter every moment. The very instant it left the horizon boundary, he squawked at the top...

  • Story the Crow Part 2

    Story the Crow Part 2

    14 years ago

    Tesser was enjoying the evening sunset and heavy air when the black winged one screeched as he approached her tree breaking her peaceful surveilance of tomorrow's hunting ground and dreams of fields and meadows beyond. "Tesser!" he screeched....

  • 20

    Story the Crow

    12 years ago --- Christopher Perez (Christopher’s Odds & Ends): Story dipped his left wing into the warm afternoon breeze, circling around while he descended to the dry tan grasses below. He saw field rodents run...

  • The Hypocrisy of Being Green

    The Hypocrisy of Being Green

    14 years ago

    This hub was previously published on a blog, I realized that this was way more appropriate to the Hubpages format than a personal blog. It is a little dated since it references a slightly controversial issue of Gore promoting environmentalism while...

  • Rose Colored Glasses

    Rose Colored Glasses

    14 years ago

    Airport Sky My rose colored glasses broke last week. I was talking with a coworker and pressed my hand to my chest to emphasize a centric statement, I don't remember what, and the sunglasses that were hooked into my shirt came apart at the middle...

  • Does Man Belong in Space?

    Does Man Belong in Space?

    11 years ago

    I knew a good guy, he rode a Harley. At the time, Harley's had the strange advantage of not depreciating after leaving the lot, (I don't know if this is still so). He wore the black leather getup and rode his hog to work everyday. He didn't have a...

  • The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

    The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

    14 years ago

    Many people repeat the mantra - why did God tempt Adam and Eve? Yet, these are the same people who balk at being controlled by a supposed supreme being, and walk away from the Bible shaking their heads in disgust. The question must then be asked, do...

  • Michael Jackson is Dead

    Michael Jackson is Dead

    13 years ago

    I can't believe the sad feelings this evokes in me. Michael was mentally deranged and most likely a pervert. Yet no one can argue that he was one the world's greatest music artists of the 80's. He is an American icon with all of his flaws, weirdness...

  • 54

    Star Trek Replicator Technology Becomes Reality

    13 years ago

    On board Federation starships and in every single Federation domicile is installed what is known as a replicator. It's main purpose is to provide food, but in fantastical reality, it can make anything. The basic premise of replication technology is...

  • God's Demon by Wayne Barlowe - A Book Review

    God's Demon by Wayne Barlowe - A Book Review

    14 years ago

    This is not an ordinary book by any means, and its deliberate and elegant prose will keep you enraptured to the end. This is a book about Hell. More specifically, it is a book about a demon seeking redemption from hell. I am not a fan of horror or...

  • Freedom Dies with GPS Speed Governor

    Freedom Dies with GPS Speed Governor

    14 years ago

    A new system is being tested in Australia and the UK to limit the death and injury caused by speeding. It is tied into a GPS that is directly linked to the computers that regulates a car engine's functions. It's called Intelligent Speed Adaptation...

  • I Love You

    I Love You

    14 years ago

    Hungry, Alone and Cold I stopped at the gas station to get a cheap wake-me-up mocha. I parked my old diesel Rabbit next to the store and went inside to get my fix. As I walked out, pretentious yuppie drink in hand, I saw a thin man walk in my...

  • Let the Bird Fly Free

    Let the Bird Fly Free

    14 years ago

    Psalm 124: 6-8. Blessed be the Lord, who hath not given us as a prey to their teeth. Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers: the snare is broken, and we are escaped. Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and...

  • 119

    Wolf Dog Hybrids

    12 years ago

    Perfect Example of a Hybrid Although Scotts Valley is located just ten miles from Santa Cruz, the valley it sits in traps hot air, making it nearly as hot as the scorching Sacramento valley during the summer. I worked at a pipe and sprinkler supply...

  • Robot Vacuum

    Robot Vacuum

    13 years ago

    An overview of an already popular automated vacuum. No longer a technological oddity, the robot vacuum must be taken seriously and you might even find the little robot a suitable or even a superior replacement to traditional upright vacuums.

  • Helicopter Ride

    Helicopter Ride

    14 years ago

    Same type of heli I flew in I used to hate helicopters. I was an aviation buff when I was younger. I loved airliners especially. They tore down the runway and pulled themselves into the sky with silvery screams. Soaring at thirty thousand feet,...

  • Is America a Democracy or a Republic?

    Is America a Democracy or a Republic?

    13 years ago

    The Signing of the Constitution When I came to America, I was 8 years old and made to say the pledge of allegiance in elementary school. I felt a little odd about it. When I had my hand on my heart and pledged allegiance to the American flag, and...

  • School Vouchers

    School Vouchers

    14 years ago

    Good Memories - Don't Fall Asleep! Public schools have become overrun by liberal agendists who seek to indoctrinate every child with only their view of the world. If a public school wishes to remain neutral and sensitive to the views of every...

  • Your Inner Klingon

    Your Inner Klingon

    14 years ago

    We Are Klingons! What in the world possesses Star Trek fans to dress up in Klingon warrior garb and drive to conventions, movies and gatherings of similarly minded people where they only speak Klingon? There was even a story about a couple that...

  • Driving My Diesel Rabbit

    Driving My Diesel Rabbit

    14 years ago

    When I get into my little Rabbit in the morning, I feel like I am stepping into a small airplane. If you don't know what that's like, imagine contortioning yourself to strap into an aluminum can with wings and plexiglass and a big propeller in...

  • Nationalized Healthcare

    Nationalized Healthcare

    11 years ago

    It is important to be truthful, and although this is one of my favorite hubs, I must declaratively state that I no longer believe in one of the main arguments I stated in this hub. One of my leading arguments for the endorsement of a nationalized...

  • The Zebras Out Back

    The Zebras Out Back

    14 years ago

    I was able to see through the trees, five beautiful zebras clustered around a feeder at the far end of the enclosure. I realize now that our preconceptions could always use a bit of scrutiny, and we shouldn't assume anything.

  • Impeach Obama Sticker

    Impeach Obama Sticker

    14 years ago

    I saw a sticker on the back of a small pickup the other day that said: Impeach Obama. I am not an Obama fan, in fact, I am a staunch Bush supporter. However, this sticker made me angry. It made me angry for the simple fact that it seemed a petty...

  • Media Copyright Laws and Ethics

    Media Copyright Laws and Ethics

    14 years ago

    Copyright laws were created to protect the artist, but are they ethical in a day when movie production companies demand an exorbitant amount of money from the consumers? We might as well ask if the Microsoft monopoly is ethical: it doesn't matter...


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