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Master of many mediums but slave to none. I am a writer, poet, swordsmith, sculptor and musician. I enjoy many mediums of art and whatever best expresses the soul of a person. So stay tuned, you never know what will extricate itself from this dome atop my shoulders.

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  • The Voice of an Angel

    The Voice of an Angel

    22 months ago

    In the beginning our words were silent with never a sound Nothing from the world outside could creep inbound A world we shared just you and I And you longed to hear my voice you silently cried Then from in the...

  • Affectation of Hope

    Affectation of Hope

    22 months ago

    If you say you love, let it true. If you are going to love, love with everything you have and commit wholly. All else is folly and a fool's errand.

  • Death so Lovely

    Death so Lovely

    22 months ago

    Imagine a love so complete that it transcends death and becomes new life for those who survive the loss. A love that says, "Even though I may not remain, you will my love. Here is your new beginning."

  • Proscenium Arch: Aperture of Hallowed Madness

    Proscenium Arch: Aperture of Hallowed Madness

    22 months ago

    To the jester and his cohorts there is no vision so serene, As the halcyon days under the proscenium arch The jester leading the throng as the mightiest king, Skillfully leading the procession in an endless march ...