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  • Curse of the veil / Corona

    Curse of the veil / Corona

    2 months ago

    When the strong eat. Weak Freedom becomes mayonnaise

  • Thanks, Corona

    Thanks, Corona

    2 months ago

    Thank you so much No one in the world could No president or scientist No invention and no emotion No magician or king

  • Cake


    2 months ago

    Boil the milk, and when it starts to boil, add the flour and sugar. Stir continuously with a tel. Simmer on low heat until thickened. Put the juice and lemon peel, mix well and leave to cool. After it has cooled, mix until it becomes fluffy and mix with lemon cream. Leave it in the fridge.

  • third life

    third life

    3 months ago

    And death came That's what you depart from What happens This pain is terrible What comes out of me

  • Fa..... You

    Fa..... You

    3 months ago

    Tonight I bought chocolate And corn This evening I will watch a movie With my sons A family movie

  • I never saw a woman queen anywhere

    I never saw a woman queen anywhere

    3 months ago

    I never saw a woman queen anywhere When the lies, poets I did not see her queen on the street Not in the yard or at work Not a queen at night

  • Men's Makeup Rights

    Men's Makeup Rights

    3 months ago

    Mr. President We did not knock on any door

  • Alone with a movie

    Alone with a movie

    3 months ago

    The world is troubled And people become stupid Women's trousers dried out Men turn into women

  • Chinese memory

    Chinese memory

    2 months ago

    The girl sneaks At the ends of the night She walks between the ground And between gravity

  • My Trip to the Army

    My Trip to the Army

    10 months ago

    In the days of youth  We were born in the seventies We felt that we had a homeland A strong homeland we took  He was making us heroes And we walk in our alleyways

  • My Love Died Before My Birth

    My Love Died Before My Birth

    13 months ago

    My love is two years older than me My love died before my birth They were killed by strangers They suspended the owner with pendants Strangers went to the sea and the valley They cut off the heads and burned the bodies Long stay

  • Live in America?

    Live in America?

    4 months ago

    Are you lucky ... because you live in America When we hear the word America Many images follow Hollywood. Freedom .

  • A woman and 5 villains

    A woman and 5 villains

    3 months ago

    In those days We were fighting We kill them and they kill us We forgive them at times

  • love Beautiful lie

    love Beautiful lie

    3 months ago

    Are you looking for me Do you dream of me Like a knight on a white horse He understands you Write words like you write Admire your eyes

  • We Are Smarter Than Devils

    We Are Smarter Than Devils

    17 months ago

    We do not live in this world alone, but live among us types of creatures

  • The Fraudulent Image

    The Fraudulent Image

    17 months ago

    The image that spoiled my lungs I was small but in a hurry   To be an adult And little by little. Mustache grown

  • After alcohol

    After alcohol

    17 months ago

    Twelve years ago I was drinking wine I lived in that world A strange world is different

  • Now You Can Kiss the Bride

    Now You Can Kiss the Bride

    18 months ago

    Now you can kiss the bride The old word has not changed But all the concepts have changed So what does it mean? right Now

  • A Waste. Toner

    A Waste. Toner

    18 months ago

    A writer in the national and its axis The dim light column Street light. the stranger The dream is lost like the fog The eyes and pen are false A liar looking for hymns

  • A Love Trip in a Book

    A Love Trip in a Book

    18 months ago

  • I'm not a poet, girl

    I'm not a poet, girl

    18 months ago

    She winked at me. Beautiful cunning So I smiled a crazy smile  And I leave the place. They follow me where are you going . come back

  • The Despicable ...and Safety Belt

    The Despicable ...and Safety Belt

    18 months ago

    My dreams are many and strange I do not live without a dream even when I walk I dream of a dream or two and one of them My dream is to buy a car

  • The Enemies of Men

    The Enemies of Men

    2 months ago

    Men's enemies blow up in women They tell the story of the prisoner and the prisoner. They write all kinds of novels. Not with their fingers but with the whispers of Satan Not by them

  • Beauty and the beast

    Beauty and the beast

    17 months ago

    What women do  They sharpen pens The sharpener does not rest Like the strike of iron on a day of war

  • We men are all alike

    We men are all alike

    3 months ago

    We men are all alike Especially with regard to women's love The subject is as ambiguous as the darkness of the ocean

  • The girl in the movie

    The girl in the movie

    4 months ago

    can write a thousand-line novel But you will not read it will not enjoy I know why because television is the winner In the war of words and pages

  • The Stupid Freedom ...

    The Stupid Freedom ...

    3 months ago

    She is .. my conversations I and friends About home about traffic lights Stop signs and vanity And I was asking .. about authority Or for some abuses

  • We Lost Our Homeland

    We Lost Our Homeland

    19 months ago

  • Women's Bodies Original Fashion

    Women's Bodies Original Fashion

    3 months ago

    Book the plane to Paris  Upload photos and bare designs Do not underestimate the scissors, feathers and girl How old did you tell me seventeen Where she had not seen her carried candles Or is it still in the manager's room All this tries measurements and movements Hurry up ... The plane arrived


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