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My Bio: I'm a professional writer/blogger who loves to code and research tons of helpful informational articles. My niche is writing about coping methods for emotional chaos.

I started out as a self-taught artist and through my highschool years into adulthood I developed a love for languages. Communication has always been the one skill that has stayed consistant through my evolving passions.

In all my trials of life, writing has been the final foundation where all my other dreams rest. It has taught and guided me into the person I am today and has shown me both the good and bad parts inside myself.

I've used all the challenges in my life to better me as a person and so I can be of help to others that can relate. I believe sometimes we take our words for granted too easily, language and the art of creating quality knowledge is not something that can be done in a day. We create archives as writers from our own experiences leaving pages of information to new learners.

Although we cannot fathom the affect it will have on our readers, we must still bear the full responsibility for every article we write; that on the one percent chance it could save a life or end it.

I have many writers to thank for helping me get so far in my writing career. When I was doubtful or full of anxiety, I could look back in my memories and repeat the words I read. I gained courage to write about my experiences and offer solutions that helped me through my toughtest times.

If I can, on the one percent chance, offer a message that will help a person feel encouraged and empowered, I will have achieved the only success that I value in this life.

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