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ArtzGirl profile image


Joined 7 years ago from San Diego




As a hubpage author and bloggist, I'm driven by that "Nancy Drew" part of my nature. I love unraveling a good mystery-- so this really kicks in the investigative reporter drive and the intuitive part of my writing. Often I'm inspired by a topic that I'm passionate about or that I have an intuitive hunch about. A lot of "the fun" of writing, is in the investigative part of the research... running down the "research rabbit holes" -- excavating links and videos that support my hypothesis and moving forward to create an article that makes an impact.

Passion is an important ingredient. As a writer, its much better to find subjects of intrigue, something that is emotionally and mentally stimulating and will hold your interest long enough to crank out some serious writing! Personally, I don't like to cover stories that are just luke warm, I've got to be HOT for what I'm writing about, otherwise -- why bother!

I love to find "The Truth" behind subjects that are often highly controversial -- or are topics that create a lot of conversation.

I host a 2 hour show on called "The Research Rabbit Whole Radio Show". I bring on guests who cover a number of different topics which deal with the writing topics that I am covering. The Show airs Wednesday Evenings 6-8 pm (Pacific Standard Time).

My background in advertising with a number of journalism courses makes me naturally inquisitive about what the media is reporting and what is portrayed to the public as "Truth". I enjoy following my "Nancy Drew-type Instincts" to arrive at my own answers for the REAL "Truth".

Some of the topics that have drawn my recent attention tend to be "Conspiracy Theory" type subjects, (although I am NOT a "Conspiracy Theorist" myself). [I come from a very traditional background as a Reagan Era Republican and a very traditional family.] These topics are fun and provide a really large rabbit hole of on-going research that makes these topics more interesting than topics that do not have some type of controversy.

The chemtrail issue has kept me blogging now for about a year and a third. As I have been wrapping up the mystery and finding the truth at the bottom of the research rabbit hole, this has made me feel as though I have said all that I can say on this topic-- and that I must find anther topic to be HOT on.


My next hub covered questions that I've had about the official story of 9/11. This has been a story that has kept me up at night, I've literally been "losing sleep" over this story since the day that this played out. My hub shows my own process of finding videos that helped to explain a number of details more thoroughly than the original news stories covered.

Another topic that I have recently been writing about - is on the topic of alternative cures for cancer. I really feel that there have been several cures which have purposely been suppressed or overlooked in order to continue the economic goals of "the cancer industry". It has become completely dependent on the billions of dollars that are being made from costly treatments and from the billions that are donated each year to "finding the cure". This is a very fascinating subject and I'm hoping to be able to help a lot of people realize that there are other options than traditional routes to treatment.


I enjoy staying current. If I'm working on something in my personal life, then I like to write about these topics and find videos that showcase what I am researching and applying in my own life. The blogs on de-cluttering, organization, and Feng Shui are part of this new series.


About me:

I'm a Renaissance-type Artzgirl that enjoys expressing my Creativity in a number of different ways. I am an artist, musician, investigative & expressive journalist, and bloggist.

I'm also an avid photographer who loves to snap shots of anything and everything that I find "interesting". A picture is worth a 1000 words, so I often like to use my original photography as a way to back up my writing and illustrate things in a way to "Show -- AND -- Tell"!!!


I also enjoy writing on topics that I find interesting to research and that pertains to health, the environment, inspiration, pets, animals, the arts, music, local restaurants, local businesses, biographies, theater and movie reviews.

About five years ago, I began blogging for a local restaurant and business review site, but felt a need to branch out by writing about things that I felt were more important to the environment, health, and could make a positive impact on people's lives.


I love singing, playing the piano, cooking, and catching the latest films! My dogs are a big part of my life. I enjoy the outdoors and long walks with my dogs!

I'm using this blog as my chance to speak up and try to make a change for the better!!!


I welcome your friendship and comments to my blog posts! Thanks for dropping in on my page!

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  • Contrail - VS - Chemtrail:  US Patents for Chemtrails and Geoengineering

    Contrail - VS - Chemtrail: US Patents for Chemtrails and Geoengineering

    6 years ago

    One of the biggest arguments on the topic of chemtrails is the fact that these are merely contrails, water condensation left by a jet plane. When you discover that chemtrails are actually a science with a long list of US patents, then this quickly allows you to see that chemtrails are far more...

  • Chemtrails:  The

    Chemtrails: The "SHOCKING" Truth

    7 months ago

    The technological reason for chemtrails: Surveillance & Mind control scientific breakthroughs which can alter consciousness and allow someone to be remotely controlled. A year and 1/3rd of research yields a BREAKTHROUGH in understanding the true purpose behind Chemtrails. If you have pondered...