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Chemtrail BREAKTHROUGH: January 2013

Updated on April 10, 2013

Insider Testimony

For those of you who have followed the Chemtrail Story, this is a tremendous BREAKTHROUGH!!! We were hoping that a pilot or someone from the "inside" of the program would come forward and spill the beans on what is actually going on with the aerosol sprayings known as Geoengineering/Chemtrails.

Kristen Meghan Interview with Charlie McGrath: Chemtrail News: Insider Report Kristen Meghan... Former Air Force Industrail Hygienist Confirms Chemtrails

Kristin Meghan Presentation: Environmental Engineer Blows Whistle on Geoengineering/Chemtrails

Vegas Chemtrails filmed near McCarran Airport in the morning.
Vegas Chemtrails filmed near McCarran Airport in the morning.
San Diego area near Scripps Ranch - Chemtrails at Sunset.
San Diego area near Scripps Ranch - Chemtrails at Sunset.
Chemtrails as they look when they are first sprayed.  These gradually morph into huge geoengineered cloud-like structures, which are shown in the other two photos (above).
Chemtrails as they look when they are first sprayed. These gradually morph into huge geoengineered cloud-like structures, which are shown in the other two photos (above).

Chemtrail News SCORE!!

This is a tremendous Research BREAKTHROUGH!!!

The chemtrail activists were hoping that a pilot or someone from the "inside" of the program would come forward and spill the beans on what is actually going on with the aerosol sprayings known as Geoengineering/Chemtrails.

Although a pilot never came forward, as a researcher-- this is EVEN BETTER!!!

Kristen Meghan was in a branch of the military where she actually saw the hazardous contents of the chemicals that were being loaded into the planes!

Kristen has a background as a Bio-environmental Engineer with the military - which encompasses health and environmental standards. She was involved in soil sampling.

In 2006, she began "waking up". She at first thought that the "chemtrail stories" were a "crazy conspiracy theory" . She began seeing all of the photos that people were posting on the internet - and began putting 2 and 2 together.

She started to follow the information that other people were reporting (internet communications with friends WORKS!!!) - about the unmarked airplanes shaped like aircraft that she knew that they had on her (military) base.

Unmarked planes, after they are sanded and before they are repainted... are "white"... (which matched the description of what her friends were posting online).

She was also in a position to see the hazardous materials that were coming on the military base. She was seeing canisters for carcinogenic metals and oxides and powders. She had the "Oh My Gosh" moment where she realized that this was happening her military base.

She did her own soil sampling (called grid sampling). She lived off base, but her back yard was the flight line - so she had close range soil that was used in her sampling.

She started to pay attention to the flight patterns, when they would fly - then she would see the trails (chemtrails).

So, 8 hours afterwards - she was watching the dissipation rates of these materials.

The EPA refused to look at her soil samples, so she did her own. They came back with barium and aluminum in the soil. The levels and these constituents were showing up in the soil samples.

"THEY (chemtrails) ARE REAL"!!!

ArtzGirl Articles on the Topic of Chemtrails

Little did I know what I was stepping into, when I first began covering the story on these white lines in the sky, otherwise known as Geoengineering -- or a more common term... Chemtrails.

These upcoming links are original stories that I wrote on -- while unraveling the many different layers of this very complicated topic.


The upcoming articles walk you through a step by step process of my own discovery of this fascinating story.

I started with the story "Chemtrails 101: What's Up With Our New Skies?" - where I photographed a huge aerosol attack that happened over my neighborhood in San Diego.

The next article "Contrail VS Chemtrail: The Stage by Stage Development of a Chemtrail Cloud" deals with a recurring question in a number of chemtrail related conversations. Many people first question whether these are actually a "contrail" or a "chemtrail" - and this question must be answered in the minds of most people, before they are willing to accept further information on the validity of this information and the science behind what is actually going on.

"Connecting the Dots: Chemtrails, HAARP, Tesla, "Natural Disasters", and YOUR Health...." has a huge range of videos which gives the longer story on what this science and technology is all about - from the level of understanding and awareness that I was at, before finding out some of the heavier duty psychotronic aspects. This level covers HAARP, "Natural Disasters" - (which are created using Tesla technology), and health concerns.

"Chemtrails: The Video CRASH COURSE; Geoengineering GLOBAL Environmental Destruction" has a collection of videos which delves into the further study of Geoengineering and Chemtrails. This covers aspects of weather warfare, Tesla, and health concerns.

"Contrail - VS - Chemtrail: US Patents for Chemtrails and Geoengineering" - is an article that delved into the information that I found when I conducted a radio show interview with Jason Bailor and a California based patent attorney, Sandy. This was a breakthrough, because it disclosed information that I was needing to find - to prove that these were NOT just a mere "conspiracy theory", but that they held US Patents dating as far back as the 1920's.

"Chemtrails: The SHOCKING Truth" - is a BREAKTHROUGH article for the research that I have been working on. After discovering a article called "What Chemtrails Really Are" - written by Carolyn Williams Palit, I researched and found valuable videos, links, and research that backed up the aspects of Chemtrails which link with the ability to target individuals (or groups) using directed energy weapons for the use of mind control, synthetic telepathy, and psychotronic weapons.

  • Chemtrails: The "SHOCKING" Truth

    The technological reason for chemtrails: Surveillance & Mind control scientific breakthroughs which can alter consciousness and allow someone to be remotely controlled. A year and 1/3rd of research yields a BREAKTHROUGH in understanding.


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