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Asher Kade is a reknown crime novel author who has a wealth of professional law enforcement and mental health experience. He has collected his experience in dealing with the public over the many decades and has written it in a fictional format. You may review his books at www.redcabincrimemysteries.bravehost.com

I am also a Tweeter! http://twitter.com/AsherKade

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Few Facts about Asher Kade:

I am a passionate advocate for human rights, civil rights, victim rights. Though my views and opinions are controversial and conservative--and often I'm misunderstood, my goal is to provoke one's thoughts and interests in helping others less fortunate than us. I know we all share a common goal to be philaprophists no matter where we come from.

I have zero tolerance for prejudice, lazy people, procastinators, people who judge (though that's human nature, judge yourself before being an expert of someone else!), and being "put in a box". [see avatar for my reacton to the aforementioned!] You will never be able to sum me up in one word, one sentence, one group, or in one lifetime. I remain faceless and nameless to protect not only my family's privacy, but to broaden my literary platform.

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