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  • Abnormal Psychology Explained

    Abnormal Psychology Explained

    3 years ago

    Abnormal Psychology The field of psychology that deals with abnormal behavior is known as abnormal psychology or psychopathology.

  • Miniskirts are Powerless

    Miniskirts are Powerless

    3 years ago

    Historical argument about women's clothing.

  • The Mind Body Problem

    The Mind Body Problem

    3 years ago

    Beginning with Aristotle’s belief of a separation between mind and body the question of whether the mind and brain exist separately and where exactly does the brain fit into the equation has plagued

  • Importance of Prenatal Care

    Importance of Prenatal Care

    3 years ago

    Developmental History Case Study M’s mother was a drug user who lived on the streets. She had little access to medical care throughout her pregnancy. Upon delivery, M was placedinto state custody. His genetic makeup, environmental influences,...

  • Psychology.....a Science?

    Psychology.....a Science?

    3 years ago

    Research Methodology Psychology expands as science with research, variable, experiments, hypothesis, and measurements. Discussion of psychology as a science includes explanation of scientific method, qualitative, and quantitative...

  • Psychopathology


    3 years ago

    Witchcraft, mental illness, psychopathology described through the development of the Diagnostic Symptoms Manual.

  • Industrial Organizational Psychology

    Industrial Organizational Psychology

    3 years ago

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology Defined The human side of organizations and application of research conducted defines industrial/organizational psychology. The industrial side involves operations and effectiveness of companies. Industrial...

  • Disorders of Eating, Hormonal Drive, Substance Abuse and Impulse Control

    Disorders of Eating, Hormonal Drive, Substance Abuse and Impulse Control

    3 years ago

    Disorders of Eating, Substance Abuse, Sex, and Personality To understand fully how diagnoses are made one must understand and analyze the behavior leading to the diagnosis. Diagnosing a disorder is more than reading a checklist and listening to...

  • Alcoholism, Genetics or Choice?

    Alcoholism, Genetics or Choice?

    3 years ago

    The debate continues, do Humans choose to overindulge in alcohol? Do genetics predetermine alcoholism?

  • Gender Identity

    Gender Identity

    3 years ago

    Gender Identity Sex is biological but gender is psycho-sociocultural. Gender means being male or female and defined by social status, roles and attitudes about the sexes. Specifically, gender is culturally based explanations of male and...

  • Dream Analysis

    Dream Analysis

    3 years ago

    Dream Analysis Is dream nonsense or something much more informative? According to C.G. Jung dreams are should not be taken lightly and can assist in conscious life by providing insight to daily problems. Dreams have influenced people since...

  • Cognitive Psychology

    Cognitive Psychology

    3 years ago

    Cognitive Psychology Cognitive psychology is defined as the study of higher intellectual processes such as attention, perception, problem solving, language use, memory, and thought. The development of cognitive psychology was a result of...

  • Biological Psychology Definition

    Biological Psychology Definition

    4 years ago

    Biological Psychology When biology and psychology combine they create a method of defining how biology contributes to behaviors. Developmental, cognitive, clinical and other areas of psychology focus on phenomena unlike biopsychology which...


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