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ausis profile image


Joined 10 years ago from Australia




What are spammers useful for? Some of the spammers though annoying are useful. Well at least sometimes...They send pretty things like the following in subject lines or email so I thught I'd share them with you. Here are some examples. ★★██ ● ██ and (¯`*•. NEEDS .•*¯) . Notice how they break up or highlight text and make it easier to read.

∱ ∱ ∱ ∱ ∱ ∱ ∱ ∱ ∱ ∱ ∱ ∱ ∱ ∱ ∱ ∱

I come from the land down under. A true blue aussie guy with a heart of gold.

That being said I am currently reading through 1785 pages of manuals for self improvement. Upon my learning what to do I will be changing SOME of the following pieces in my profile. OBVIOUSLY FOR THE BETTER. IF I survive this enormous change I LOOK FORWARD TO seeing you in a more positive light.

Please bear the following in mind before you read on. My IQ is above 150 which I know is above the average of 90 - 110, in many a case I have the difficult task to try to constantly interpret every situation prior to wording anything to most people. I have not written this page or any like it until recently as I am not a person who likes self promotion. I feel you should be judged on the quality of your work and your integrity.

██ ● ██ ● ██ ● ██
I am a man of charity, morals, honesty, loyalty, integrity, passion and a man of the written word. As I was a Scout in Australia even today I follow their oath I took extract as follows "On my honour I will do my duty to God and to the Queen and to help other people." As such I always try to do my best. I also put my whole heart into everything I do. This is why to me letters and the internet are the perfect medium or outlet for me to portray my expressions. Most people I meet call me the professor & say I have a wise old spirit, as I am always astounding them with my intelligence and my wide variety of knowledge & capabilities. I sometimes get told I am long winded which is why I have setup around 40 sites to spread the content amongst them, instead of what I used to do which was to put everything on one page. I believe in the saying that "the power of the pen is mightier than the sword".

My partner and I are giving people so much so that sometimes I have no spare money but I will give to a charity, a friend or a person in need. I always try to help people set up an online business to help make life easier for them.

███████ ● ██ ● ██ ● ███████

Interesting facts.

I have been studied by a couple of universities and due to my eyesight conditions they found I have a unique gift which allows me to read right to left and left to right.

███████ ● ██ ● ██ ● ███████

I am sure most of you will agree with me that it makes you miserable when you do the right thing, follow what you have been told and the person or group that has told you suddenly changes their mind without your knowledge and then tells you off for doing it wrong. Not only myself but others have found this style of mind changing is classic in businesses when they or the management get caught out lying or trying to hide something.

██ ● ██ ● ██ ● ██

I may be looked upon as what we used to say at school a goody 2 shoes, but I would rather have the freedom to say & do what I feel. I find it hard not to get mad when I see an injustice, probably because I know the perpertrator is usually not only harming the person, but they also are hurting themselves if they do the wrong thing. With regards to the government & Police; I have a number of members in these departments amongst my friends and family. Being brought up in this style environment I always do my best to do the right thing.

███████ ● ██ ● ██ ● ███████

My top 5 Pet peeves in people.

CRUELTY OF ANY KIND!!! Including to animals and other people.
Those people or businesses who are misleading & or deceptive.
Those people or businesses who are tardy & or ignorant.
Those people or businesses who fit the back stabbers category.
Those people who fit the saying "the pot calling the kettle black".

███████ ● ██ ● ██ ● ███████


I will follow, be bound by and will be protected by The Golden Rule

I. I believe in the Golden Rule as the basis of all human conduct; therefore, I will never do to another person that which I would not be willing for that person to do to me if our positions were reversed.

II. I will be honest, even to the slightest detail, in all my transactions with others, not alone because of my desire to be fair with them, but because of my desire to impress the idea of honesty on my own subconscious mind, thereby weaving this essential quality into my own character.

III. I will forgive those who are unjust toward me, with no thought as to whether they deserve it or not, because I understand the law through which forgiveness of others strengthens my own character and wipes out the effects of my own transgressions, in my subconscious mind.

IV. I will be just, generous and fair with others always, even though I know that these acts will go unnoticed and unrecorded, in the ordinary terms of reward, because I understand and intend to apply the law through the aid of which one’s own character is but the sum total of one’s own acts and deeds. V. Whatever time I may have to devote to the discovery and exposure of the weaknesses and faults of others I will devote, more profitably, to the discovery and correction of my own.

VI. I will slander no person, no matter how much I may believe another person may deserve it, because I wish to plant no destructive suggestions in my own sub-conscious mind.

VII. I recognize the power of Thought as being an inlet leading into my brain from the universal ocean of life; therefore, I will set no destructive thoughts afloat upon that ocean lest they pollute the minds of others.

VIII. I will conquer the common human tendency toward hatred, and envy, and selfishness, and jealousy, and malice, and pessimism, and doubt, and fear; for I believe these to be the seed from which the world harvests most of its troubles.

IX. When my mind is not occupied with thoughts that tend toward the attainment of my definite chief aim in life, I will voluntarily keep it filled with thoughts of courage, and self-confidence, and goodwill toward others, and faith, and kindness, and loyalty, and love for truth, and justice, for I believe these to be the seed from which the world reaps its harvest of progressive growth.

X. I understand that a mere passive belief in the soundness of the Golden Rule philosophy is of no value whatsoever, either to myself or to others; there- fore, I will actively put into operation this universal rule for good in all my transactions with others.

XI. I understand the law through the operation of which my own character is developed from my own acts and thoughts; therefore, I will guard with care all that goes into its development.

XII. Realizing that enduring happiness comes only through helping others find it; that no act of kindness is without its reward, even though it may never be directly repaid, I will do my best to assist others when and where the opportunity appears. You have noticed frequent reference to Emerson throughout this course. Every student of the course should own a copy of Emerson's Essays, and the essay on Compensation should be read and studied at least every three months. Observe, as you read this essay, that it deals with the same law as that upon which the Golden Rule is based.

In closing.

I am I like most of you, I am bound to slavery by the mighty dollar, I do have to pay the bills somehow and though I may not be rich financially, I feel I am rich in the biblical meaning of love and freindship.

Check out what I'm reading Australian's doing the right thing

OUR Australian web and software development service

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