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I am currently a college student in the Education major at UNT. I am a dance instructor as well as a writter and poet. I am an insurance agent licensed in life and health. I have a published book titled "Step Into A New World" which is a short collection of stories and poems. My future goal is to start a tutoring company that helps students with the core curriculum through the arts such as dance, music, art, theater, writting, etc. I believe that when you truely love and enjoy doing something it becomes easier to learn new things that you would generally not pay attention to. My father and I started an organization in the loving memory of my mom Samina Morani called Animas Foundation to help those in financial stress to start up their own businesses and have guidance throughout the journey in collaboration with Kiva Zip. I also have a fashion designing, and QA background. I am always ready to learn new things and share with the world what I learned and maybe even some concepts and beliefs that may help them see the world with a different and unique perspective. Hope you enjoy my posts and I hope they help you through life. I am always available to assist and am easy to reach! :)

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    The FFIUL plan is a universal life insurance plan that has multiple benefits. It is unique from all other plans because it is tax differed and is not included. This means it has many benefits.