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Joined 10 years ago




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Welcome to my HubPages' profile. First of all, I would like to thank you very much for coming by and for taking the time to look at this page.

I have been writing online for a few years now and I have enjoyed it very much. In fact, I think that is the reason why I have always tried my very best in sharing good information to as many people as I possibly can, online.

I hope you enjoy reading my hubs the way I have enjoyed writing them.

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  • The Different Book Binding Types

    The Different Book Binding Types

    6 years ago

    Book binding may be one of the most boring subjects to most of us. But having an idea about the different book binding types can come in handy when we need to bind important documents and information together. If you are in bookstores or...

  • Mineral Oil: The Good, The Bad, And The Fact

    Mineral Oil: The Good, The Bad, And The Fact

    7 years ago

    For many years, baby oil has been a favorite skin care product by women. Baby oil is pure mineral oil with fragrance added. It is an easy and effective makeup remover, and many women use it to remove makeup because it is a much gentler and effective...

  • Green Tea: Know Its Benefits and Side Effects

    Green Tea: Know Its Benefits and Side Effects

    7 years ago

    Lately, green tea has become well-accepted by experts to contain beneficial nutrients that help improve overall health. It is considered to be better than black tea and oolong tea in terms of health benefits. Why is that so, when green tea along...

  • The Three Gorges Dam in China: Is It a Model for Disaster or the Next Wonder of the World

    The Three Gorges Dam in China: Is It a Model for Disaster or the Next Wonder of the World

    7 years ago

    It has been said time and again that the higher you fly, the harder you fall.  Could it also be true that the bigger the project, the more catastrophic it would be if and when disaster comes its way?  The Three Gorges Dam in China has gained much...

  • Allantoin: A Natural Ingredient that Helps Improve Skin

    Allantoin: A Natural Ingredient that Helps Improve Skin

    6 years ago

    Allantoin is a natural active ingredient that can be found in comfrey plants.  It can also be found in the uric acid of most mammals.  It promotes healing of the skin.  Allantoin is safe and non-toxic and is usually used in cosmetics.  It has a...

  • Methamphetamine


    7 years ago

    Methamphetamine is probably the most famous abused drug nowadays. Abuse of this drug is rampant and abusers are looking for more excuses to make this drug seem like its helping users rather than destroying them. And it is famous worldwide. But...

  • Savant Syndrome

    Savant Syndrome

    7 years ago

    Most people probably already know that the right-hemisphere of the brain is responsible for our artistic skills such as music and other forms of art, spatial skills, and what we directly perceive. The left-hemisphere of the brain is responsible for...

  • Five Celebrity Look-Alikes

    Five Celebrity Look-Alikes

    7 years ago

    These are my choices of five pairs of celebrity look-alikes. At #5 are Sharon Stone and Virginia Madsen. When I first saw Virginia Madsen, I thought she was Sharon Stone. Although their roles are quite different, you can't miss their...

  • Rosetta Stone

    Rosetta Stone

    6 years ago

    When I first encountered the term Rosetta stone, I thought it was a precious stone, like a diamond or something of the kind. Hoo boy, was I sooo wrooong... Rosetta stone is an artifact they discovered in Egypt. It had become a significant part of...

  • The Different Modes of Exercises

    The Different Modes of Exercises

    6 years ago

    Exercise is a good way to develop a healthy heart, mind, and body. Healthy hearts are developed when a person perform the recommended daily aerobic exercise routine. They help keep the heart's blood flow unclogged and keep its surrounding muscles...