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Create Your Own Website for Beginners

Updated on April 4, 2014

If you are reading this article, you are probably already thinking of creating your own website. Most of the time, people who have plans to create their own website must have already know what they want to do with it. But if you are starting from scratch and still have no idea what you want to gain from it, then you must first establish the reason of what you want and why is owning a website important to you.

Having an idea of what your website is going to be is the first step and the most important factor in owning a website. Is your website going to be just a hobby site or a site where you can generate income from? Is it going to be about niche blogging or a site where you can write anything you want? Is your offline business in need of online presence so that your company gets more exposure so that you can have more clients?

Step 1

Once you have established your idea of a website, you can now start shopping around for your webhost. The first thing you have to remember is that webhosting is an internet business so there are many online companies that offer this kind of service. So, coming across a legitimate site alongside a site with questionable reputation in search engines is not impossible. Beware of scams and choose carefully. There are also webhosting services that do not offer good service, read what other people have to say about the webhost of your choice.

Are you opting for a free or a paid webhost? Choose one that offers you a reasonable service.

Choosing Your Webhost

Which webhost would you rather choose?

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If you choose a free webhost, many things that come along with it can be handy. While a free webhost seems perfect at first glance, there are disadvantages that you will be facing. What are they? Each webhost is different. They have different terms of service (TOS). Read them and learn more about them before making your final decision. If you have to, read other people’s reviews about them, just so you can be sure you’re not choosing the wrong webhost.

If you choose a paid webhost, you’d need to pay for its basic services on a monthly basis. You will pay for their monthly hosting services. This usually includes a basic bandwidth allotment and web space.

Step 2

After you have shopped around for your webhost, you can now start establishing your site’s name. Are you going to acquire a free subdomain from your webhost or do you plan to buy and register a domain name?

Create Your Own Website: Choosing a Domain or a Subdomain

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If you choose a free subdomain from your webhost, it is free and you don’t have to worry about buying and registering your site’s name. You would only need to sign up for a free subdomain from your webhost and voila, your website now has a URL or a web address where your visitors can visit anytime.

If you choose to buy and register a domain, you would need to pay for it annually. The good thing about it is that your domain name is yours and you can host your site anywhere you want to.

Step 3

After your hosting services and your site’s name has been established, you can now start building your website. Are you going to build your site using your webhost’s online tools or are you going to use a free website builder software or buy an expensive website builder software?

Choosing Your Website Builder

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If you choose to use your webhost’s online website builder, it can be quite easy to navigate through it. And the learning process is usually simpler and easier for the beginner. Every webhost is different from one another, and their website builders will be different also. You might find that some online website builders are easier to use and some can be more difficult to use. Aside from that, you may also find that each offer different limitations.

If you choose to use a free software, the essential part of website building are already there. But the more complicated features may not be easily available for the user. On the other hand, many professional bloggers and website owners would swear that they love using some of the most expensive website builders because of its inherently unlimited features.

Establishing Your Final Website

Before making your final website, you must already have a financial plan for it. You have the choice to run your site within a budget limit or to run it for free. Every process of website creation has a free version and a paid version.

You can actually mix and match them to your convenience. For example, you can buy your own domain name and host it in a free webhosting service and use their free online building tools or you can pay for your webhosting services and use their free subdomain and free online building tools. Or you can build your website entirely for free just as long as you are happy with the tools and services that you can get. You can also pay for everything if you intend to run a professional blog or website which has its own convenience.


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    • BeatsMe profile image

      BeatsMe 6 years ago

      Hi Giteshtrivedi, thanks for reading and glad you've found this useful. :)

    • giteshtrivedi profile image

      giteshtrivedi 6 years ago from USA

      Excellent information for starter who wants to create own website. Appreciate. Using wordpress anyone can able to create website. Thanks and lot for sharing.

    • BeatsMe profile image

      BeatsMe 6 years ago

      Hi Nell, thanks and I'm glad this hub helped give you an idea on this topic. Actually, there are going to be three more hubs regarding this, I've written steps 1 through 3 individually to hopefully give in depth explanation into each step. Hope each one of them will be useful also.

      Thanks for reading. :)

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

      Hi, well it helps me! lol I am ahhing and ummming about how to do this with a web site or that etc, everything helps from the small to the large, so bookmarked! and very useful! cheers nell

    • BeatsMe profile image

      BeatsMe 6 years ago

      Hi Quicksand, thanks for the vote. I just hope this will help newbies who really must have their own websites. :)

    • quicksand profile image

      quicksand 6 years ago

      Most beginners have a time trying to figure out the difference between web hosting and domain registration.

      You have explained it pretty well. Voted up and "useful" too. Cheers!