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I'm currently a 27-year-old college copywriter (with a cursing BA in Fiction Writing), and enjoy reading and writing in many different areas, usually exploring moral ambiguity as well as socially unacceptable behavior in my writing. I enjoy listening to music profusely and watching films, and love to analyze many of my favorite artists and musicians. I'm working on finding an agent/publisher for my first novel and am in the process of working on a fourth. I'm also a freelance copywriter online, so if anybody out there needs a writer with some knowledge of SEO and/or advertising for a business, I can provide.

HubPages is just a place where I can express my thoughts and opinions (if anyone cares to read them) and listen to others'.

For some comedy writing outside of HubPages, I also write sarcastic reviews of horrible films at www.horriblyamazingfilms.wordpress.com .

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