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    The Marvel Ultimate Cataclysm Reading Order

    5 years ago

    ...And then one day, on a planet far away, Galactus appeared and prepared to destroy us all! Following from the Age of Ultron Aftermath and Hunger, Galactus, that mighty cosmic destroyer of Earth-616, got sucked into the Ultimate Universe. No...

  • 20

    The DC Forever Evil Reading Order

    7 years ago

    The Earth's Greatest Superheroes are no longer so good. Not nice at all, really. Coming off the opening of the ill-fated Pandora's Box, a terrible evil has been unleashed on the world and systematic deception and control have taken over the...

  • 2

    The Top 10 Villains of Ghost Rider

    6 years ago

    The Spirit of Vengeance, called forth in times when evil is present. Blazing forward on a motorcycle composed of hellish flames, flaming steel weapons and chains, this entity exacts judgement with his Penance Stare. He is The Ghost Rider, a creature...

  • 2

    DC's Top 10 Masters of Ice

    15 months ago

    These 10 heroes and villains are masters of ice, leading to some of DC's greatest stories.

  • 12

    DC's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes

    15 months ago

    These strange superheroes might just make you shake your head.

  • 17

    Marvel's Top 10 Hottest Lady Mutants

    11 years ago

    Strike a pose! Let's face it. Those pesky, disturbing mutants with their horrible powers and disfigured looks have been causing a ruckus among Homo Sapiens for an undeterrably long time. They've managed to raze our cities, infiltrate our highest...

  • 1

    How to become a Comic Book Enthusiast

    10 years ago

    There's just something "right", perfect, when you hold that freshly printed document in your hands. The smell of newly pressed ink, the smooth, uncreased sheets, all carrying a conclusion to last months amazing episode. Did you know the world was...

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    Captain America Vs. Wolverine

    5 years ago

    Adamantium claws raked forward as Wolverine snarled, diving an incredible cat-like lunge; the mighty Avenger countered, stepping forward with his shield, blunting the impact, and turning it aside perfect, exposing the mutant's ribcage. Captain...

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    Superheroes of the Darkness

    11 years ago

    A whisper...encapsulated in the quiet and still evening; that is the covert way of the shadow-powered superhero, gifted with the skills to manipulate the darkness and ebbs of tenebrous wisps at his whim. Such are these shaded powers, not only...

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    The Alien Races of H.P. Lovecraft

    15 months ago

    H.P. Lovecraft was a great author of the Cthulu Mythos and began to gain popularity in the 1930s. Learn about the different alien races in this prolific writer's work.

  • 9

    How To (Suddenly) Fight With A Sword

    6 years ago

    ...don't be discouraged. You might be surprised; while it's definately not easy, it's also not that hard to fight with a claymore or samurai sword if you apply the basics. The hard part, the difficult part, is actually understanding what happens in...

  • 57

    Top 10 H.P. Lovecraft Stories

    15 months ago

    The name H.P. Lovecraft is synonymous with all things creepy, weird, and haunting. Discover ten of the writer's not-to-miss stories.


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