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Well, Hello There... Got Superheroes? If you fight crime (or wear a cape when alone), check out: The Superheroes List!

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  • The Batman Zero Year Reading Order

    The Batman Zero Year Reading Order

    4 years ago

    Start Date: June 2013 End Date: TBD, expected to run into mid 2014. And you thought you knew Batman's origin? Well, guess what? You don't. In DC's premiere of the makings of Batman, they've organized an entire event...

  • The Marvel Ultimate Cataclysm Reading Order

    The Marvel Ultimate Cataclysm Reading Order

    3 years ago

    ...And then one day, on a planet far away, Galactus appeared and prepared to destroy us all! Following from the Age of Ultron Aftermath and Hunger, Galactus, that mighty cosmic destroyer of Earth-616, got sucked into...

  • The DC Forever Evil Reading Order

    The DC Forever Evil Reading Order

    10 months ago

    The Earth's Greatest Superheroes are no longer so good. Not nice at all, really. Coming off the opening of the ill-fated Pandora's Box, a terrible evil has been unleashed on the world and systematic deception and...

  • Marvel Infinity Reading Order

    Marvel Infinity Reading Order

    3 years ago

    Everything Dies. That is what the mysterious figure known as "The Universe" uttered as she sent the Avenger, Manifold, back to Earth, and revealed to them that the ones who created the human race were now bent on its...

  • The Top 10 Temporal Super Powers

    The Top 10 Temporal Super Powers

    4 years ago

    And which superheroes have them? Just like the changing of the New Year and the paid respects to Father Time and Auld Lang Syne, part of being a superhero means an eventual brush with the times - Correction: An actual...

  • Bullseye vs. Deadshot

    Bullseye vs. Deadshot

    3 months ago

    Among villainy, among the sociopathic criminals who dodge the clutch of justice, there are two bad guys who spark their reputation on accuracy. Their banter is that they never miss their target; their skills are so...

  • Before Watchmen

    Before Watchmen

    4 years ago

    On February 1st, 2012, DC Comics announced the release of a prequel series to their acclaimed 1986 series The Watchmen, which starred an assortment of heroes in a world of dark politics and post-war sensationalism....

  • Marvel's Secret Invasion

    Marvel's Secret Invasion

    5 years ago

    Beyond the fears of man... and the infinite vastness of the stars, an alien race had descended on earth decades before and enacted a plan of treachery and impersonation. It was only in 2008, when their inhuman computer...

  • The Top 10 Villains of Ghost Rider

    The Top 10 Villains of Ghost Rider

    5 years ago

    The Spirit of Vengeance, called forth in times when evil is present. Blazing forward on a motorcycle composed of hellish flames, flaming steel weapons and chains, this entity exacts judgement with his Penance Stare. He...

  • The Marvel Fear Itself Spoiler Page

    The Marvel Fear Itself Spoiler Page

    5 years ago

    Back in May of 2011, something from the Marvel Universe, dark and sinister, rose from the Pacific Ocean, guided by a long-forgotten prophecy. Unknown, even to those of immortal lineage, this being was the true...

  • DC's Top 10 Masters of Ice

    DC's Top 10 Masters of Ice

    5 years ago

    I turned in surprise expecting to find an intruder, but there was no one, just the bite of falling temperatures and the rush of the chill as it set in my bones, numbing my fingers and causing my breath to freeze....

  • X-Men: Regenesis

    X-Men: Regenesis

    5 years ago

    Throughout the month of October and towards the end of 2011, following the critical Schism between the mutants Cyclops and Wolverine, a split in their super-powered community is being resolved through a series of...

  • Marvel's Shattered Heroes

    Marvel's Shattered Heroes

    5 years ago

    The world is now broken, torn asunder from a fear-inspiring all-father and 8 "worthy" gods who brought their wrath to Midgard, Earth. As an eye toward hopelessness scans the horizon, it is time to reconcile the wrongs: ...

  • The Top 10 Marvel Monsters of Halloween

    The Top 10 Marvel Monsters of Halloween

    5 years ago

    Trick or treat? It came from beyond; scrabbling in the mire and darkness of super-natural origins. Gothic and beastly by most standards, and all we knew were panic and flight. On this hallowed occasion, we had to get...

  • Marvel's Top 5 Barbarians

    Marvel's Top 5 Barbarians

    3 months ago

    Arrgh! What evil boils my blood? Easy fellow! It's not a diabolical wizard or sniveling thief. It's Marvel's Top 5 Barbarians, a countdown list of the most worthy and brutal axe-wielders, sword-slayers and fearless...

  • Spider-Island


    5 years ago

    Do you think it's easy being Spider-Man, crawling up and down wall, and having the agility and strength of a proportional arachnid? Well it's not! And you're about to learn why. Spidey always says, "With great power...

  • The Top 10 Stories of The Flash

    The Top 10 Stories of The Flash

    5 years ago

    Born of lightning-entrenched chemicals, gifted with blinding speed known only to his followers and friends, there is one heroic champion -- an undeniable, blurring icon tapping into the all-powerful Speed Force with the...

  • DC's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes

    DC's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes

    10 months ago

    Ack! My only weakness! Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird; it's a plan; it's...it's...just what is it? I don't know; you tell me. For the most part, we're all enamored by that heroic cape shooting across the sky and...

  • Marvel's Top 10 Hottest Lady Mutants

    Marvel's Top 10 Hottest Lady Mutants

    5 years ago

    Strike a pose! Let's face it. Those pesky, disturbing mutants with their horrible powers and disfigured looks have been causing a ruckus among Homo Sapiens for an undeterrably long time. They've managed to raze our...

  • How to become a Comic Book Enthusiast

    How to become a Comic Book Enthusiast

    4 years ago

    There's just something "right", perfect, when you hold that freshly printed document in your hands. The smell of newly pressed ink, the smooth, uncreased sheets, all carrying a conclusion to last months amazing episode....

  • The Top 10 Villains of Spider-Man

    The Top 10 Villains of Spider-Man

    3 months ago

    ...but that won't stop our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler. Little did Peter Parker know, on that fateful day when bitten by a radioactice spider, he was destined to swing on strands of webbing, with the strength and...

  • Flashpoint


    5 years ago

    That's the first words we heard when the great team at DC Comics introduced us to their mystifying, time-traveling, alternate-reality epic known as Flashpoint! Forming a span of 47 issues, Flashpoint is a crossover...

  • Marvel's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes

    Marvel's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes

    3 months ago

    Can't we all just get along? Being an empowered champion of good is a task in itself, right? I mean, you have your family and friends, your secret identity to protect, and what's worse, now the anxiety of all the...

  • Captain America vs. Wolverine

    Captain America vs. Wolverine

    3 months ago

    Adamantium claws raked forward as Wolverine snarled, diving an incredible cat-like lunge; the mighty Avenger countered, stepping forward with his shield, blunting the impact, and turning it aside perfect, exposing the...

  • Superheroes of the Darkness

    Superheroes of the Darkness

    5 years ago

    A whisper...encapsulated in the quiet and still evening; that is the covert way of the shadow-powered superhero, gifted with the skills to manipulate the darkness and ebbs of tenebrous wisps at his whim. Such are these...

  • The Top 10 Villains of Superman

    The Top 10 Villains of Superman

    5 years ago

    He came from the planet Krypton, the last son of a lost race, speeding towards the planet Earth. His name, Kal-El, and from his rise into manhood under the identity of mild-mannered Clark Kent, this crusader of justice...

  • Eye Accessing Cues

    Eye Accessing Cues

    5 years ago

    The concept of Eye Accessing Cues (now referred to as EAC), was developed and demonstrated in the book Frogs into Princes: Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. What they determined...

  • The Alien Races of H.P. Lovecraft

    The Alien Races of H.P. Lovecraft

    6 years ago

    H.P. Lovecraft (Howard Philips Lovecraft) was a great author of the Cthulu Mythos who began drawing followers to his works in the 1930s. The phases of his writings took three different perspectives: 1)Undead Horror,...

  • How To (Suddenly) Fight With A Sword

    How To (Suddenly) Fight With A Sword

    3 months ago

    ...don't be discouraged. You might be surprised; while it's definately not easy, it's also not that hard to fight with a claymore or samurai sword if you apply the basics. The hard part, the difficult part, is actually...

  • How To Make a Magical Sword

    How To Make a Magical Sword

    6 years ago

    Yes, I know, we all need a magic sword, but I get tired of philosophical arguments; Blake, where can I find a magic sword? Blake, how powerful will I be if I pull one out of a rock? Well, enough's enough. Here is the...

  • The Top 10 Stories of H.P. Lovecraft

    The Top 10 Stories of H.P. Lovecraft

    15 months ago

    His name was Howard Philips Lovecraft, but to the world, he emerged as the dream-ridden soul, the one who spoke of the terrifying shadow in the corner, H.P. Lovecraft, gifted with the subtle words that, even today,...