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Lost in time, & using up space. I am a sucker for lost causes. Often overlook the blessings in my immediate environment, but then I never did enjoy the present much.

I love Bones the dog, muscle cars built in the 1970s, Kris Kristofferson for his passion and talent and I enjoy interesting people and blogging. My other website is kriskristoffersonfan.com but there was no place to add it.

I was born and currently live on Mud Island, but grew up in South Africa during the best and worst of times.

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  • Kris Kristofferson- Blame It on the Stones?

    Kris Kristofferson- Blame It on the Stones?

    2 months ago

    Kris Kristofferson is a songwriting icon. His early work is as fresh and relevant today as it was in the 1970s.Blame it on the Stones is the first track on his first album released in 1970.

  • Famous Anglo-Indians

    Famous Anglo-Indians

    2 months ago

    Anglo-Indians are a community that is fast dying out. They were never a large community, but they made an impact on recent popular culture that is massively disproportionate to their small number.

  • Wartime Lifestyle

    Wartime Lifestyle

    3 months ago

    Many of us battle to make ends meet in these uncertain times. Many families have had to live through war and instability. How did they manage and what could they teach us?

  • Mouse in the House

    Mouse in the House

    3 months ago

    Mice multiply. By the time you notice a pest mouse in your home, it is likely there are more—many more. Immediate action is required.

  • Death Dilemmas

    Death Dilemmas

    3 months ago

    Death often triggers a series of dilemmas. Society has changed a lot in just one generation. We will all be called on to interact with bereaved family and friends. It's never easy.

  • Bones the Jack Russell

    Bones the Jack Russell

    3 months ago

    Bones might be a Jack Russell. He is a terror of a terrier, a rescue and my friend.