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My last profile was a bit lame.. so here's a bit more.

36 years old (still not used to saying that out loud) and mother to 14 year old son.

I'm pagan and a shaman. If you don't know what that means - join the club because I'm still learning. You don't chose to be one, it's just something that happens. There's a Hub in there somewhere and possibly a book - not sure if anyone would be that interested in my spiritual journey thus far.

I'm the webmaster of the Loyal Arthurian Warband site and creator of my own photography websites, a charity called Blue Death Org UK amongst many other things.

As a Warbander, I've met some great people, some of them in real life, others online but look forward to meeting them. I'm involved in promoting awareness of the Stonehenge Picket and Arthur's parliamentary campaign.

I don't work at the moment but keep myself busy. I'm looking forward to the recession ending so I can get back to work in a job that pays me my worth.

I'm a fan of the Truth. A believer in Honour and a staunched supporter of Justice.

Um... that's it for now.....!

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