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  • Five Favourite Flowers

    Five Favourite Flowers

    14 months ago

    A garden without flowers is incomplete, an unfinished work. Flowers are a part of a plant’s growth cycle, they are essential if the plant is to produce seed. However, it is not this aspect of flowers to which I am referring.  I appreciate the...

  • Bag Taken and a Lesson Learned

    Bag Taken and a Lesson Learned

    15 months ago

    Today , I made a discovery. Actually, I re-discovered a truism that I already knew but, for a moment, forgot to follow. Simply put. be were you are, also known as pay attention. There are times when your focus wanders off of what you are doing that...

  • Let Me Ask You a Question

    Let Me Ask You a Question

    15 months ago

    Let me ask you a question. I will put forward three scenarios, each of which will depict a scenario for your consideration. Read the scenario and answer the question which will be the same for all three scenarios: What would you do? Scenario...

  • The Gardener's Kitchen: Easter Lilies

    The Gardener's Kitchen: Easter Lilies

    6 months ago

    The Second World War is responsible for the growth of the Easter Lily industry in the United States. The Easter Lily or Lilium longiflorum was originally grown in Japan and up until 1941 when the Japanese attacked Pearl harbour Japan dominated the...

  • Growing Culinary Herbs- Basil

    Growing Culinary Herbs- Basil

    14 months ago

    Herbs bring even the simplest foods to life and because so many of the frequently used culinary herbs are easy to grow, you can not only cook with fresh herbs but grow them as well. Herbs like containers and many can be grown indoors or out...

  • Growing Great Onions

    Growing Great Onions

    15 months ago

    Onions, so many uses, salads, sandwiches, soups, stews and simply to add flavour to a wide variety of foods. What can be better than cheese and onions together in an omelet or as a grilled cheese sandwich or just plain on a Kaiser? I enjoy a thin...

  • Sharing The Surplus

    Sharing The Surplus

    13 months ago

    Take responsibility for my own production and share the surplus.

  • Gardening with Annuals

    Gardening with Annuals

    15 months ago

    Some people are positively passionate about annuals and each one of them may have a different reason.  An annual plant is a plant that usually germinates, flowers and dies in one year.  Some love annuals because they make excellent...

  • How to Force Bulbs Indoors

    How to Force Bulbs Indoors

    4 months ago

    Winter and the garden is sleeping under a thick blanket of snow, keeping warm until Spring arrives and calls the bulbs that brighten our Springtime gardens and ease our snow worn eyes. You do not have to wait until Spring to enjoy your favourite...

  • How I Overcame My Peanut Butter Passion

    How I Overcame My Peanut Butter Passion

    14 months ago

    It is 3 am and I am standing in my kitchen in the dark. In one hand a jar of peanut butter, in the other a spoon. This could be a normal and healthy late night snack, if I stopped at one spoonful but I know that if I do and go back to bed, I’ll...

  • Ever-Ready Red River Oat-Bran Cereal Muffins

    Ever-Ready Red River Oat-Bran Cereal Muffins

    14 months ago

    The following recipe is from Red River, before I modify a recipe I like to work with the original, until I am comfortable enough with the results to add my own touches. I did not use any sugar

  • Cooking with Limes: 2  recipes

    Cooking with Limes: 2 recipes

    15 months ago

    Lime and lemons are great to look at and add colour and texture to your kitchen table as well as being an important and healthy flavouring for cooking. Be sure to purchase limes that are brightly-colored, smooth-skinned and firm fruits. They...


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