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The world is too big to effect. People are only concerned if money is involved. Life is about getting, people who give are just being used. Mind your world and judge others so your world doesn't seem so bad.


This world is smaller than we can know, anyone willing to speak can create it. People recognize that money is the grown-up game we have to play, but even the most wealthy are just slaves to paper. Those who use will eventually run out, but those who give are the biggest receivers. I mind my world, that’s why I cry out for change. Judging others is the pastime of the useless and boring.

What's life if you don't care about something? What's the point of writing if it doesn't reflect your passion?

I am Passionate about my Country, my Military and helping America get back to being the Land Of The Free, and the Home Of The Brave.

If you share this passion, be a part of the solution! It's not hard, just add a link to


on your hub. May we look past politics, whatever divides us and unify for the good of our PEOPLE!

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