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I am an aspiring designer, speaker, and writer. I love to read fairytales and am always interested in personal development and self help. My mantra is "make things beautifully meaningful."

I strive to create great work and live outside of my comfort zone. I am working towards equipping myself with (but not restricted to) Alice's bravery, the Little Prince's childlike wonderment, Sōma Yukihira's optimism, and Judy Hopps' persistence.

I used to consider myself introvert, but I don't anymore. I still enjoy solitude, but I also enjoy meeting new people (which I hated to do in the past). It has done me no good to contain myself in a box and play along with the personality trait I categorize myself under. This is why I stopped believing in personality tests, because they bound me in a "box".

I am currently funding for college. Tuition is expensive, but where's the fun in getting everything for free. We always have to put in our best efforts if we want to reach the stars. I learned a lot from funding for college.

Obstacles can charge at me, but I will embrace and appreciate them, because I can never hate life's most effective teacher. It's just training. The more the better. Bring it on.

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