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I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and animal lover. A few years ago my husband and I moved from Houston, TX back to his home of Pincher Creek, AB to help look after some relatives. I was looking for a second career and have always loved reading and writing. I stumbled upon Hub Pages a few months back and have found the place I can experience both. I find the research of each of my hubs to be the most exciting part of each hub. I have a deep connection to thoroughbred horses and love the sport of horse racing. I have replaced my empty nest with two very entertaining dogs that consume my life.

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  • An Economic Must Have – Outdoor Fire Pit

    An Economic Must Have – Outdoor Fire Pit

    3 years ago

    From the time fire was discovered, man has found creative ways to use one of the four main classical elements on earth. As we developed more ways to control fire the need for more safety was necessary.

  • The Top 4 Outdoor Chair Cushion Materials

    The Top 4 Outdoor Chair Cushion Materials

    3 years ago

    This year as the need for new outdoor chair cushion arise, there is more to consider than the color or style. What material will best suit your overall needs long term, is the real question.

  • Benefits of Stainless Steel Tables

    Benefits of Stainless Steel Tables

    2 years ago

    Did you know that stainless steel tables if left to the elements would still be recognizable 1000 years from now. Stainless steel does not breakdown in the elements over time, making it very durable.

  • Rain Shower Head Myth

    Rain Shower Head Myth

    3 years ago

    Every now and then a new fad comes along and we have to wonder, where has this been all our lives. If you’ve ever been to a spa and had a shower afterward, that's the rain shower effect. Wonderful!