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Brian first became interested in puppets when at the age of 7 he first saw pinochio on a school trip to the local theatre. It was an enlightning experience for him. His love of reading of fairy tales and fantasy and creating imaginary characters consumed his playtime as a young boy.Brians interest in Magic began at the age of 13 when he read an article on magic in a childscraft encyclopedia. after that the library was his second home to reading magic books and learning new tricks. high school found brian in the choral and drama dept in many productions and then little theatre as an adult. Brian runs myriad creatives and myriad family ministries in production of magic, ventriloquism and film. Brians contact email myriadcreatives@yahoo.com

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    5 months ago

    If your starting out as a filmmaker / videographer and can't afford movie equipment , this article is for you. I show you how to create a cell phone Camera slider for steady zoom and other effects.