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Hey, I'm Tyler. I Previously studied computer science, and now that I've flunked out I scrape by by doing freelance web development, and any entry level jobs I can. I'm currently building a few personal websites that I will link once they're ready, and I'm thinking about starting a YouTube channel, because YouTube sounds fun c:

My main thing here is technology, which I have a strong passion for, but chances are that I'll go through a lapse in focus and rant for two hours whenever I'm feeling "passionate" about something other than technology. I'll look into reviewing items too, you know, for comedic effect.

Other things: I was once an artist... Perhaps I still am, but I'm not looking to find out. I'm a musician, I've written my own songs. And ive written short stories too.

Hopefully I'm relatable enough to gain some readers. That would make my day.

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