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Well, my job is to put random stuff in prespective. . Religion, politics, celebreties... NOTHING MAKES SENSE! Subjects are so broad and there's never a right or wrong answer but people mistake opinion for politial correctness. Well, in the words of yovill aviators everywhere, "YADDA THAT". Be open minded. Get real.

My name is Brook Winters and I approved this message.

Actually, I'm a 22-year-old broadcasting student. I'm an open minded republican that voted for Obama. I think George Bush is misunderstood (watch the movie W, freakin amazing point of view). I find it funny that extreme conservatives love god yet talk about assasinating Obama... wow, if I just described you, don't subscribe to my HUBS; you will not like me.

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  • What is the deference between AM radio and FM radio?

    What is the deference between AM radio and FM radio?

    9 years ago

    When I heard that someone didn’t know what the difference was between AM and FM radio, I laughed (not to be arrogant, I honestly thought it was funny) and replied, “Dude, have you ever listened to AM radio?” When...