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    Unsung Indian Heroes of World War-1

    2 months ago

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    INDIA’s FORGOTTEN UNSUNG HEROES: Admiral Lachit Barphukan

    2 months ago

    India has a rich and ancient history that dates back to the era of BC. But due to the British and other effects, it has been ignored and forgotten. Even educational textbooks have the minutest places for them. This is a small step to remember such unsung heroes of our history.

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    Lethargic Mismanagement of Covid Pandemics

    21 months ago

    Infectious covid virus attacks in spells like Tsunami waves. If unprepared, it is devastating for humanity. Hence proper scientific planning to overcome this pandemic disaster is essential. But when the top political brass and medical fraternity fails, the result is mammoth and deathly.

  • The Spread of Naxalite Activities in India

    The Spread of Naxalite Activities in India

    21 months ago

    The Naxalite movement of India is a child born to communism. It took its initial birth at the Naxalbari village on 25 May 1967 in Siliguri subdivision of Bengal. The three stalwarts of CPI-ML, Charu Mazumdar, Kanu Sanyal, and Jungle Santhal founded it in 1969. This movement became haywire later.

  • Round-up of US-Imposed Democracy

    Round-up of US-Imposed Democracy

    22 months ago

    Democracy takes place when the governance is in the hands of the members elected by the people. So it's clear that for a proper democracy people there must accept the process in toto. When the people are unknown to democracy, its imposition will be a colossal blunder and a massive waste of money.

  • The Diminishing Essence of Mythologies in Society

    The Diminishing Essence of Mythologies in Society

    22 months ago

    Mythologies are an integral part and parcel of many cultures and societies. They have shaped societies and developed religions. But the essence of their teachings and practices is of utmost importance. But modern society is putting it to their back seat. This is a dangerous trend.

  • Drone-Eyed View of Biggest Democracies

    Drone-Eyed View of Biggest Democracies

    22 months ago

    Democracy is a system of governance whereby the people themselves, indirectly, rule the country through the candidates they elect. They decide whom to elect and want to rule on their behalf. But this process has lots of loopholes, as their candidate may sabotage their aspirations.

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    A Clinical Review of Natural Disasters

    22 months ago

    Nature is self powerful. It has the supreme power of managing things. It doesn't allow or accept trespassing in its jurisdiction. But man has done everything within his live in luxury. So they have resorted to deforestation, pollution, and global warming. This has proved catastrophic.

  • An Analysis into Revising, Editing, and Proofreading

    An Analysis into Revising, Editing, and Proofreading

    23 months ago

    Writing a manuscript, revising, editing, and proofreading are the four components of any writing system. We must adhere to it logically and in proper sequence. We should take care of every step and that to minutely and with a cool head. It will go haywire otherwise.

  • 7 Crucial Pillars of Editing Manuscripts

    7 Crucial Pillars of Editing Manuscripts

    23 months ago

    Editing is the most important part of any writing process. One can always improve their articles with proper revision and editing. But there are specific methods for it. And it requires regular practice, along with concentration coupled with dedication for what we are doing.It gives it quality.

  • 7 Requisite Strategies for Revision

    7 Requisite Strategies for Revision

    23 months ago

    It is very important to keep in mind that we should first guide students to write effectively. Then we must help them improve their writing quality. This is only possible by imbibing in them the extremely important skills of revising and editing their written manuscripts.

  • Sensitive Parameters of The Adolescence Period

    Sensitive Parameters of The Adolescence Period

    2 years ago

    Adolescence is a period in the life of would-be youths in high school. They are then neither considered youths nor children. This is a confusing time that sometimes derails them. So as parents and stakeholders we all must be extra cautious in our approach towards them.

  • 07 Modes to Keep in Mind for Effective Speech and Debate Activity

    07 Modes to Keep in Mind for Effective Speech and Debate Activity

    2 years ago

    Speech and debate competitions are important for a school's academic calendar. It is middle and high school event where the involvement of two different activities take place. It helps in nurturing and building critical thinking, analyzing and the power of expression in children.

  • What Are Clubs & Extracurricular Activities in Schools?

    What Are Clubs & Extracurricular Activities in Schools?

    2 years ago

    Extracurricular or Co-curricular Activities are such teachings and groomings done to children at school to polish them up into well-behaved, robust and intelligent youths who can take on life by its horns.


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