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Chad A Taylor profile image

Chad Taylor (Chad A Taylor)

Joined 8 years ago from Somewhere in Seattle...




Also follow me on:

Chad's books have reached a world wide audience

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  • Catching Eagles

    Catching Eagles

    4 months ago

  • Le bateau de la mort

    Le bateau de la mort

    12 months ago

    Le bateau de la mort, death ship, afterlife, death, death poem, poetry, chad taylor

  • I Am

    I Am

    12 months ago

  • Middlemist Red

    Middlemist Red

    3 years ago

    Middlemist Red Mother of Pearl holds the rainbow like summer snow Physalis alkekengi piquant intoxicates the air – Aurora borealis so alive only to subside suddenly too soon. A blue moon Antirrhinum its beauty far too much to bear? Palos...

  • My Magnum Opus

    My Magnum Opus

    4 years ago

    My magnum opus unopened weathered and worn Dreams evanescent the only witness to my amour Stubborn stars laughing resolute refusing to fall Silent echoes like a phantom to my curtain call From the dark pitch where the winds refuse to blow...

  • Dark is the night

    Dark is the night

    4 years ago

    Dark is the night where no moon shines the sun serenades alone breathless in its race for the morn a brief interlude til' its late abode Middlemist Red so rare is the kiss as night surrenders to day stubborn stars bear witness O'er blazing love so...

  • The Seasons an Unwelcome Guest

    The Seasons an Unwelcome Guest

    6 years ago

    The Seasons an Unwelcome Guest Those unflinching faces again doleful Religiously return to me year after year Only the lines distinguish the seasons Fluttering fire flies through their tears Fall finds them disheveled out of place Clutching...

  • The Poem Fatale

    The Poem Fatale

    2 years ago

    The Poem Fatale Black silk drapes dark across the banister Moaning out its elegy in the moon light Indifferent to the sounds beneath the wood Crimson stains bleed through the grandeur A jealous witness to the crime Her poem crumpled torn...

  • Dirge of the Sea

    Dirge of the Sea

    6 years ago

    Crashing waves pay elegy The rocks keeping ryme Darkness dances in with the mist Stars a mute witness to this sublime Ghosts serenade across the wood Aching timbers groan out a song Tattered ribbons of a sail ripped past Wind whispering names...

  • The Siren's Kiss

    The Siren's Kiss

    4 years ago

    The Siren's Kiss Chad Taylor © 2011 Sounds of macabre echo from the chalice Shadows dance across my valance Is it truth that I should be afraid? I close my eyes to the sounds abaft On the wind her perfume wafts Is it déjà vu or is she...

  • My Last Masquerade

    My Last Masquerade

    6 years ago

    I drank my last poison today in the restaurant To the sound of a watered down piano and a cheap debutante I could see Dylan Thomas in the cigar smoke wafting in the air He frowned at me and said, “don’t ever tip the concierge…” The red...

  • The Outlaw

    The Outlaw

    6 years ago

    The Outlaw The outlaw's face sublime bold his name etched in stone He rides the haunting wind on a long forgotten road in El Paso Hard on the trail with a horse almost dead laden with gold Left with only a memory of of a dream lost in the hot...

  • Ides of Time

    Ides of Time

    6 years ago

    Crashing waves down upon the bow Deep furrows dark across my brow Sun bitten sting of salt in wounds Sailing blindly into the darkened hue Strange songs serenade from the sea Calling me to the depths of disbelief Cymbals crashing like angry waves A...

  • His Final Masterpiece

    His Final Masterpiece

    6 years ago

    His Final Masterpiece by Chad Taylor His heart grew old From walking this road alone He tried to reach out Across the great divide No one heard his muffled cry Until hope even died He was old Before he was young What he had seen and what he had...

  • The Enigma of Emily Dickinson

    The Enigma of Emily Dickinson

    6 years ago

    Ascetic, eccentric, recluse was what many said of Emily Dickinson the elusive waif of literary genius. A misanthrope melancholy master of prose, Emily Dickinson lived in the world of paradox never seeing the outcome of her own masterpieces. A...

  • A Quilt Made of Pine

    A Quilt Made of Pine

    6 years ago

    I could see the boots of the men that were looking for me just a few feet away and I could smell their sweat. The rain had betrayed me; what I had thought would hide my trail only made it more evident like bright lights glaring up at my pursuers. My...

  • The Dark Night of Edgar Allan Poe

    The Dark Night of Edgar Allan Poe

    6 years ago

    Before there was Eliot, Yeats and Frost there was Edgar Allan Poe; the dark knight of literature and prose. If there was a knight in shining armor that rescued desperate damsels in distress then Poe was the black horse sweltering, lathery and...

  • The Long Winter of Robert Frost

    The Long Winter of Robert Frost

    7 years ago

    On a spring day in 1874 under the looming skyline of San Francisco an iconic figure in modern poetry was born – Robert Frost. The allure of the city however would not hold him in its gravity for long as his destiny lie elsewhere. Far away in rural...

  • The Dark Horse of Poetry Dylan Thomas

    The Dark Horse of Poetry Dylan Thomas

    7 years ago

    In 39 tumultuous years Dylan Thomas left his broad strokes of literary genius on the canvas of human experience. One of Dylan’s greatest achievements was lauded after his death as Under Milk Wood captivated the imagination of millions over radio...

  • The Rise and Fall of Ezra Pound

    The Rise and Fall of Ezra Pound

    8 years ago

    He was a prolific and unpredictable poet whose impact arguably influenced art, music and literature more than any of his crticis in the last 100 years. From Hemmingway, Yeats, Frost, and T.S Eliot; Pound’s passion never ended at his own pen and...

  • The Stones They Throw

    The Stones They Throw

    8 years ago

    The Stones They Throw by Chad Taylor In the courts of judgment retribution stands eyes of accusation with stones in their hands- Sin lies there naked no dignity - no pride at the hand's of her accusers she has already died... Cast down at...

  • Route 66

    Route 66

    8 years ago

    I saw her in my dreams Curves that went on forever It made my heart hot, Flashing lights in ghost towns Floating like stars in butter As if time had stopped Dinosaurs make jokes As the tourists drive by But no one stops to inquire, Pale faces...

  • Summer Snow

    Summer Snow

    6 years ago

    I wish it could have been different That we could of known for certain That love had come like summer snow Now the ice storms have come Driving the flowers from the sun And the cold north winds blow The moons runs into the night Slipping away at...

  • Poetic Justice

    Poetic Justice

    8 years ago

    Poetic Justice by Chad Taylor The reaching of something unseen Searching through the faces unwilling to believe Voices from the banisters cry death to the dream dead to their own they lie broken at their feet- Hearts gone cold Dreams grown old...

  • A Ship Called Destiny

    A Ship Called Destiny

    4 years ago

    Tossed and battered her wood groaned under the gale Mast and stern to and fro no wind could find her sail Darkness masked the light and the stars refused to shine Compass left in circles and no promised shore for her to find But something in her...

  • A Man Alone

    A Man Alone

    8 years ago

    Darkness surrounds me silent sounds fill the air my steps are forgotten No one hears no one cares I am a man alone Outside the paradox I live in a another world reaching for faces somewhere beyond the veil I am only flesh and bone I thought I...

  • Tomorrow is a Just a Headline

    Tomorrow is a Just a Headline

    4 years ago

    Tomorrow is Just a Headline I see you there your eyes are as bright as yesterday I try so hard to remember every line and impression on your face You linger there then disappear again without a trace Now tomorrow is just a headline that can...

  • A Sidewalk's Story

    A Sidewalk's Story

    8 years ago

    A thousand feet have danced at once to a rhythm of cars and trucks leaving behind only echoes of the places they had to go In the shadows of concrete and glass looming so tall above the rest an icon of human progress marching one step at a time ...

  • Prisoners of Hope

    Prisoners of Hope

    8 years ago

    We stand like sentinels In the land of dark Faint glowing embers death's counterpart   Gatekeepers We In the Shadow of hell's gate Determined to frustrate Predetermined fate   Self mutilated tattoos Dark plastered faces Staring right...

  • The Burning

    The Burning

    8 years ago

    He said he would set me free everything in me cries misery unforgiveness haunting dark shadows on the wall Promises-promises telling me undaunting   Something surreal As I confide A Farris wheel of feelings like twisted steel reeling...