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Chanroth Tith lives in USA, California. ^_^. She's highly competitive and enjoys writing poetry, fictional stories, and many random articles. She's enthusiastic and a fanatic writer!

Born: San Francisco CA, to a Cambodian parent. Dad work at a factory and mother is housewife. Grandfather is a general of air force; five star rank officer and grandmother is a designer.

She has been writing poetry since she was 14 years old and had self-published her own book. She had won Poetry Crystal award in 2007 and had one of her poem published at the Library of Congress called, "And So The Flame Dance."

Her education:

She graduated from high school in her junior year 2006. She graduated from College in 2010 with her Associate Degree.

Major in Doctor of Pharmacy

Employment: Full time Pharmacy student/ Freelance Writer/ Self publisher/ self-employed

Her interest is reading, writing, watch movies, sketching, cooking, and baking. She doesn’t like to go out to eat at the restaurant, going to parties, and sleeping over at friend houses. Friendly person but serious at time and she doesn’t like manipulate people nor do she like to judge people base on their ethic, religion, sexual interest, and class. She treats everyone with same respect as she like to be treated.

Her favorite food is Pho and her favorite childhood movie is “The land before time”.

Favorite author of all time:

R.L. Stine

Beverly Clearly

Dave Pelzer

Favorite poet:

Robert Frost

Emily Dickinson

All hubs are authored by Chanroth Tith

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