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I remember the first day of kindergarten at Beverly Hills Christian School in Dallas, Texas, as if it were yesterday. Mrs. Rambler made my first official year of school so memorable that I wanted to become a teacher just like her. When I was around twelve years old, I informed my parents that I was moving to Chicago. This was quite an announcement, seeing as how I had never really ventured far from Dallas, and I had (and still have) an aversion to cold weather. Several years later – around age fifteen, I heard news reporters speaking about the inner-city: how it was such a challenging environment, how there was great difficulty in finding teachers to fill positions in high-poverty schools. I thought, If no one else wants to teach in the inner-city, I will. It can possibly be all that bad. Twenty years, I’m living my dream of teaching in the inner-city while living near Chicago. Sure, its challenging, but I wouldn't trade it for a cushy teaching job at a Grammy award winning school in the suburbs.

I am highly motivated and resourceful professional with a long-standing career in education. Over the past thirteen years, I have gained a wealth of experience by serving in the following capacities at a number of different schools:

* Elementary Level: second grade; physical education

* Middle School Level: language arts, social studies, physicial education, disciplinarian, track coach, cheerleading coach, boys basketbal coach

* High School Level: dean of students, track coach, cheerleading coach

* Graduate School: adjunct professor; instructor for Performance Learning Systems.

Over the years, I have also learned a great deal about love and life, in general. I believe that experience is the best teacher. However, there’s no reason for others to make the same mistakes I’ve made, whether in the classroom, in relationships or in friendships. I mean, to share what I’ve learned with all who are willing to listen, so they can learn from my mistakes and get further along in life that I have.

In addition to my life-long dream of being a teacher, I have long desired to be published. Though I have had marginal success as a freelance writer, I am determined to do everything in my power to become a pulished novelist, an accomplished author and a proprietor of a lucrative freelance business.

Finally, I am a woman a faith, a Christian, a child of God. My faith influences everything I do.

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